Rumor: Sony opens new AAA studio in Japan to create multi-budget exclusives

Company Sony Interactive Entertainment is in the process of setting up a brand new studio in Japan to work on high-budget AAA exclusives… Information about this was shared today by one of the users of Reddit with a link to the same source who spoke about the acquisition Housemarque a month before the official announcement of the deal.

According to an insider, Sony’s new Japanese studio is somewhat similar to Microsoft’s The Initiative, in the sense that it is also created from scratch and assembled from experienced industry veterans who have worked for other well-known companies. It is mentioned that the studio will include specialists from Square enix, Konami and teams Capcomwho worked on Resident Evil

With the help of the new studio, Sony supposedly expects to create hits of scale Resident evil, Monster hunter, Devil may cry and Metal gearthat will be popular in both Japan and the West… The informant also notes that the studio’s first project is already at an early stage of production and will be revealed in the coming months along with the official presentation of the new development team.

Earlier this year, Sony effectively disbanded SIE Japan Studio as a result of a reorganization, reducing the former division to one Team Asobi studio, and many veterans left the company. That said, PlayStation executives continue to state that Japanese games and the Japanese region are still an important part of the business.

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