Rumor: Sony may opt out of E3 2023

Edition Video Games Chronicle reports citing its sources that Sony may miss an exhibition E3 2023. Last year, she also decided not to appear on an industrial rally in Los Angeles.

“Some of our sources indicate that Sony will skip E3 again, while others say that the company can still agree with the organizers about the return,” the material said.

VGC also writes that the Xbox team, as far as the editors know, is preparing for E3 2023 on the assumption that Sony will not come to the exhibition again, and plans to make a rich program.

Both Sony and Microsoft will release next-generation consoles this year.

Analyst Wedbush Securities Michael Packer also heard that Sony is not going to return to the E3 2023. He considers this a mistake.

“As far as I know, they do not plan to come to E3 2023. I think this is a huge mistake. I hope they change their minds, but I’m skeptical,” he said.

Other analysts note that the importance of E3 is declining every year. Some manufacturers decide to abandon the high-profile announcements at this event in favor of their own shows, because they want their products to be the only ones in the spotlight and, when covered by the press, would not compete with anyone for the attention of the audience.

At one time, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 at its own show in February 2013. There are no dates for the PlayStation 5 presentation yet, but experts agree that the platform will be presented in the next two months.

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