Rumor: Lucasfilm is preparing a separate Star Wars spin-off about Ray

Studio Lucasflim can work on a solo film about the main Mary Sue of the entire franchise “Star wars“- Ray. The blogger threw food for thought Daniel Richtman posted a hint on his microblog on Twitter.

Prior to this, information about the Star Wars spin-off was also thrown by the portal. We Got This Covered. Hearing should be perceived with a fair amount of skepticism, but it is reported that the film will allegedly unfold five years after the events of the tape “Skywalker. Sunrise“and Ray has to train a new generation of Jedi.

The problem is that the actress Daisy ridley in mid-2019, she made it clear that she signed a contract for three films and does not plan to appear in the next trilogy.

Formerly journalist Jeremy Conrad citing an insider said that Lucasfilm plans to remove for streaming service Disney + series “Star Wars: Dr. Afra“It’s about the black archaeologist and companion Darth Vader, who first appeared in comics Marvel.

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