Rogue Trooper Redux

We are separated eleven years since the British Rebellion launched one of the most talked about adaptations among lovers of vignettes. Rogue Trooper arrived during the last throes of the previous generation to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 , reaching a


handful of platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation 2 or PC. At that time, the mix between the action in third person , coverage and certain mechanics around the protagonist made the title was made a small gap among the fans of the genre, although already he could see certain seams that prevented him from going a step beyond.

So, in the middle of the final stretch of 2017, we received its set-up for the systems and Steam, including the Nintendo Switch.

The last of Un-Earth
Our return to the conflict between the North and the South has not been as satisfactory as we remembered. This type of formulas, which already


had edges to polish, do not usually welcome the passage of time. After spending little more than a decade wit


hout stepping on the scorched wasteland of Un-Earth, Rogue Trooper feels old , with poor decisions at the playable level and displaying the same problems as the original work.

Earth Atlantis

During the first hour of the game we can get an idea of ​​what we will find during the whole of its development. In a title of these characteristics – and


more if we deal with a shooter of a certain tactical level – there are certain facets that we can not ignore. In particular we refer to the design of levels and all the mechanics that concern the gunplay .


All levels leave little room for maneuver to the player. The vast majority of shootings are static, that is, the game provides structures that ca


n be used as a cover to be under that parapet where we resolve the fight. Coverages that are used automatically with results … disparate. On some occasion he left us sold after trying to get the character to hide in a specific place.


This is mainly because the company has strictly followed the concept of linearity. In a rough way it could be said that all levels are tube-shaped rooms interconnected by some special action: pirates of certain locks, stairs, explosives to continue, etc. The experience becomes monotonous and even tedious if we do not connect with the storyline – loos

Sonic Forces

e and without new features in this remastering. On the other hand we find a gunplaywithout any grace at the controls. Our machine gun wi


ll have various shooting options. If we use the objective we will gain precision, since the firing mode will change to semiautomatic, acting as a long-range weapon. On the contrary, shooting from the hip we will enjoy the river of rifle bullets of these characteristics.

The artificial intelligence of enemies is conspicuous by its absence. The difficulty of the game lies in receiving more


or less damage depending on the level we choose, which leaves the adversary’s behavior in the same conditions. The regulatory weapon that we have also has targeted help that goes beyond what we all know. If we place the target close to the riv


al figure, one of our attached teammates will make it easier for the bullets to go directly to the closest member of the target. They are small aids that do not stop increasing the decaffeinated combat in Rogue Trooper Redux.

Rogue Trooper Redux (PS4) screenshot

Yes, you read well. During the first mission, some dejected comrades may join our team. In the form of neuronal chips, each one will fulfill a function that will bring us new options. In addition to the one introduced in the rifle, as we discussed earlier, another will allow us to manufacture various objects. Ammunition, grenades, first aid kits … certain items of


value that we will create at any time of the game in exchange for fragments, obtained after defeating enemies. The regeneration of health will almost always go by the use of medicinal utensils, since they are not usually expensive to manufacture and the increase is practically instantaneous.

Complete the thirteen levels of the original campaign will take us around eight hours , being measured in speed during the thirteen missi


ons. We will have different ways to extend our stay in Rogue Trooper Redux , as the online cooperative mode for up to four players. We can not forget that the competitive multiplayer is also back after the shutdown of the original servers a few years ago. Maybe this is one of the biggest surprises for the fans.

Rogue Trooper Redux (PS4) screenshot

Rogue Trooper in high definition

As we mentioned earlier, the main improvement in Rogue Trooper Redux is in the graphic section. All the textures and models have been updated to show off their best clothes in the prevailing hardwares of today. The sixty frames pe


r second are practically maintained at all times, helping to make our journey as consistent as possible. The sharpness offered by the 1080p makes the overall appearance is clean, far from the opaque tones of the first version.

However, the work of Ticktock G


ames has not been enough to hide what in the end remains: an eleven-year-old title added by the most obvious route. The control has also been smoothed to recreate the fluid experience of Redux, which was one of the main reasons for the return of Rogue.