Road to Platinum – The Shadow of War

In Shadow of WarUnfortunately, trophies traveling on this same wavelength are so many and I have tracked them differently. The first one is obviously the only one missing (yes, I miss a platinum trophy), and requires killing a Captain riding an Olog.


Very quick explanation for those who did not know The Shadow of War: The Ologs are very fierce and very complex trolls to control and ride, so just track down one and succeed in climbing it will be a tough task. Even getting to defeat an opposing Uruk with the blows, squinted and in no way regular, an Olog is a Titanic undertaking, which today, according to PSN percentages, only 2.2% of players have completed. And most likely in that 2.2% I will not come back.

Another trophy I likewise think was thought to be a bit odd is what it took to fight two blood brothers and each other to enjoy the death of one of the two: until the web did not appear a hint decisively clever by a user in particular, almost all players have stumbled into a decisively random mechanics that blocked the trophy’s achievement. After hitting the chose


n Uruk and ordered him to go to fight against his own brother of blood, these, upon the arrival of the clash, strong in the relationship that tied him to the other Uruk decided to betray you and to come on you, supported by what originally was his target. Already the only trace of an orphan brother of blood of another orc was not easy (especially if you are playing Nemesis) then appea


r to disappear before all the work done up to that point. The hint came from those who suggested that both orcs be fired and sent to the Fosse, a combat system in which you will dress the lurker, that is, the super partes observer who enjoys the show. Another trophy that does not really add anything to the gameplay.

Road to Platinum - The Shadow of War

The proliferating trophies
Among them there is definitely the trophy that unlocks at the end of Act IV. We are very honest: Shadow of War’s end game is passionate, fun, varied, deeply detailed, but defending its ten-story fortresses, with the last one even requiring


four battles, is really too prolific. It is to say that completing the Wars of Shadow will allow you to witness the real completion of what is The Shadow of War , that is, the final movie, but getting there will be a very long journey and, again, prolisso.

Another very complex trophy is what will take you to a 2500 level in online statistics. If in the explanation everything seems incredibly easy, especially when in online guides you will say “you will do it without problems in Act IV”, know that the system with which this trophy is thought is not so automated. In fact, you will have an army that can reach a score of 2500


by summing up all the ratings of the various deployments you have in the regions, which are in total four (Minas Morgul will not be counted). The problem lies in the difficulty of achieving such a high rating without resorting to online challenges: once Act IV is completed, therefore, if you have not been able to get a score of at least 500 for each fort,

Road to Platinum - The Shadow of War

Road to
Overall, in any case, eliminated the trophies mentioned earlier, it is to be said that Shadow of Warit easily leads you to what is the ultimate goal.


All trophies connected to the collectors are easily resolved and traceable, reaching an almost overly complex complexity. All those goals to be met by using the Nemesis System are at your fingertips and most of all you will get them without even noticing it, such as having to help a soldier become a regent or ride all the beasts present in Mordor, which are really very few easily


traceable, starting with the drachma, which you definitely will not want to miss. The difficulty, in short, is not so high, except for the very few trophies mentioned above that will lengthen your experience very much. In addition, I want to clarify, if I exceeded the 100 hours it was only to reach the platinum and the level cap (which is 60), just to attest to how long it may be a unpaved but abundantly prolonged path. Maybe too diluted.