Risen 3: Titan Lords

Titan Lords can easily hate: in the first hours of the new Risen does not give any reason to stay. At first, the combat system is frankly annoying – an enemy to the pattern: depositing two or three strokes, then go to the second “smoke break” – it’s your turn to cut them with a sword.

Only two options for the attack – the weak and strong beats (the last adventurer of-the-swings very slowly and often with an attempt – the enemies do not stand on the spot).

It sounds primitive, but it is worth gape, and you will not give rise – probably nimble mobs have gored to death. The solution here is one – to thump. As in Risen 2 jars of liquor restore health, and “rolled forward”

Unnamed (so-called main characters of “Gothic” and its successors) may at any time, even during a battle – it would be that. To paraphrase Leonardo DiCaprio of “The Wolf of Wall Street”: grog, rum, cheap booze – that no grant, all will drain to the bottom!

By the way, the absorption of talents drinking – not only cheat the reception available to the player. The rift your ward becomes virtually invulnerable – you will not get any fire spells or strokes huge claws.

Flip-flops do not waste energy, and therefore moving somersault can go around the whole island though – your character will not say a word.

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However, not that these concessions helped greatly. At the start, you will still be constantly die – killed here in a jiffy. Enemies attack in large groups, so someone there, he breaks and exposed block – hero then will play football, hurling it across the map.

Do not save and rolls – is a good chance that in the heat of battle, you otprygnete somewhere not there and attract new monsters. Sometimes “salochki”

Comes to the ridiculous: battles often end adrenaline races at the Côte d’Azur – you and your party friend that is forces to get away from dozens of angry animals. Of course, using rolls – or catch up with and how to nada. On the side, I am sure, it does not look worse here this scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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So pass the first hours of the game – but the sword and the gun you have and there is nothing in the pockets of the wind howled, and unless you save up for a decent weapon, fights and will be kept to a tumbleweed and zaklikivanie. In one word – boring.

From clichéd plot also unwittingly clicked their tongues: the main character is trying to regain the lost soul and because crisscrossing the island in search of witches and priests, who would have helped him to break the curse. Otherwise Unnamed become a fiend – minion, like a CGI-orc of “The Hobbit”.

Something like we saw in Dark Souls and Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom only in the game instead of the soul you stole his heart. Unprepossessing tie and silly dialogues evoke sadness throughout the prologue. When you hear talk like that, it seems that it is better already just will not:

– What took you so long?

– The temple is dangerous.

– We have to go.

Tired of cold steel? Tired of endless parry? Well, take a sword instead of a musket – when aiming the camera will move to the shoulder of the Nameless, in some action movie. Shoot bloodthirsty reptiles much more fun (and easier, what could be) than chop them by hand – fighting turn out much more dynamic. However, from the rapids still can not escape.

Well, when you get tired of firearms, it’s time to turn to magic – then you and voodoo spells and ordinary – there are plenty to choose from.

The main thing to find the right teacher (branded chip “Gothic” and Risen) or enter the desired guild, whose members will disclose to you the secrets of his art – after a series of quests, of course. In all there are three fractions: the guards, pirates and voodoo demon hunter.

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Unnamed equally skillful with fireballs, lightning, and other spells and in the manner of Geralt combines magic attacks with melee weapons – one-handed chop enemies with the sword, the other reeks of magic fire. It looks pretty impressive.

And I will not mention the more exotic skills: has circulated some skills, you will be able to call on the battlefield variety of creatures that will fight by your side. Again, the primitive combat system Risen 3 appears only in the first passage of the clock.