Riot Games Launches Legends of Runeterra Card Strategy Open Beta

Company Riot games announced the start of open beta testing of a free strategic card game Legends of runeterra. The game shares the setting with League of Legendsso that players can see the general list of friends, use the general chat and challenge a friend to a duel.

The start of the Legends of Runeterra MBT coincides with the start of the first ranked beta season. In its final, players participating in ranked battles will receive an exclusive badge corresponding to the highest rank achieved.

After closed beta testing, a number of changes were made to the game. In particular, the developers updated more than two dozen maps, including champion cards: Anivia, Vladimir, Trindamir and Ezreal.

In the new section “Collection” you can choose one of six playing fields, as well as appoint defenders. They became a little more: Hextech Rex, Scaly Kusaku and Gromp Jr. were added to the game.

Everyone who takes part in MBT, as well as those who enter Legends of Runeterra within a week after the release, will receive an exclusive defender, poro. The progress achieved in the first beta season will be transferred to the full version of the game.