Rime – Island of bad luck

From the first frame Rime players begin to torment the powerful sense of deja vu. All this we have seen more than once. Of Colossus of the Shadow , Ico , Legend of Zelda , yes Journey finally – immediately clear where the Spaniards of Tequila Works inspiration.

Who is this boy in tattered red cape? How did he come to this beautiful island? What kind of a very tall tower on the horizon? Where did the interface? As expected, the answers to these and many other questions will give the game slowly, but gently pushing the gamer in the right direction, but leaving behind him the right to follow the advice or try to sort things out for himself.

The game tries to create intrigue mysterious daubs on the walls, but on the player it is quite not care.The game tries to create intrigue mysterious daubs on the walls, but on the player it is quite not care.

Pseudo-open world Rime easily able to awaken the curiosity of even the most lazy mattress, burning the retina bright colors, thick vegetation and inviting its mysterious ancient ruins. A deeper immersion into the game worldIt promotes and unobtrusive, but melodic music, literally it moves the gamer in a narcotic trance, depriving him of his sense of time and fatigue.

The game never give you clear orders to proceed, you need to do to understand. And even after the screen will run titles, you still want to beat to better understand hidden somewhere under a thick layer of sand promise. And it is. Or should be, anyway.

With the exposition game cope perfectly well. Sun-drenched lawn, lush forests, sandy beaches and crumbling ruins – and I want to climb everywhere, on all to take a look and everything to feel. But no! Will not work!

In terms of availability Rime is a bit like insanely beautiful and terribly expensive exhibition, which will not let any fools. All the visual splendor of the game is hidden behind the unnecessarily complicated puzzles, too confusing navigation around the island and simply incomprehensible storyline.

I spend more time to figure out where we should go right now than on reflections about the next scenario quirk.

As a kid so well see underwater without glasses?As a kid so well see underwater without glasses?
We managed to test all versions of the game – for PC, PS4 (taken as the basis for writing the review), PS4 Pro and Xbox One. They look identical to standard monitors and LCD-TVs in the range of 40 inches. Even the vaunted super-super texture and shadows in the Pro version for the PS4 and PC can be seen only on 4K displays and monitors.
In addition to the nearly identical pictures and combines all the versions is not the best optimization. Game time starts to slow down mercilessly, without apparent reason, the stronger of the frame rate suffers subsidence version for PS4 Pro.

As mentioned above, from an artistic point of view Rime , you can safely put on a par with games like Journey or of The of Last the Guardian .

But the craftsmen of Tequila Works have forgotten that, despite the visual magnificence, of The of Last the Guardian and the Journey does not shy away from giving a player a hidden hints on where it should go and what to do next.

The Rime of these same hints there, or they are too well hid. Thus, in one place scribbles on the walls can be instructions to the ancient and complex mechanism when the other is the same scribble may absolutely does not mean anything.

There is some kind of metaphor, to understand her ... But, do not care.There is some kind of metaphor, to understand her … But, do not care.

Puzzles themselves quite organically integrated into the world of Rime . They do not feel out of place or superfluous. However, often more annoying with its complexity, rather than somehow contribute to a better understanding of this world and its rules.

For example, carry stones or gorlopanit in some totems can even a monkey, but understand the purpose of the world, to change the time of day, you get not everyone. And there are plenty of problems were – they all either ridiculously easy, or just irritate and break down for the most part a measured pace of the game.

And do not even enrages the complexity, and the total lack of the slightest hint of the right decision. If the same Shadow of the Colossus and Icowith the decision of even the most difficult and complex puzzles help the environment, whether labels and pictures on the walls, or the location of the scenery, the Rime left alone with his wit.

Problems with navigation are not limited. Because of them, sometimes it is not clear where to go next. Can be half an hour aimlessly in circles on the line and climb on the rocks, and not understanding what you want from the game. In the same Journey has at least a huge mountain on the horizon, and in the Rime even those lighthouses there.

This mysterious figure in red will always scoff at the kid with his presence and literally dissolve in the air.This mysterious figure in red will always scoff at the kid with his presence and literally dissolve in the air.

Just have to wander into four zones: Sunny Island, a hot desert, some kind of ghost town and crude abyss. Locations well decorated with an artistic point of view, and they share a similar architecture. This is all very nice, but not enough to wander around the same pillar hours.

Abstract images from the past that can suddenly wash over the boy, and periodically appears a mysterious figure in a red robe, in theory, should motivate the player to move forward, but it does not happen. Rime is not revealed gradually, but instead throws at you all at once close to the very end.

And, as mentioned above, after the credits would be desirable to re-start. And not because it is so cool and mysterious, but only in order to understand one thing: Surely you are so stupid that they could not understand everything from the beginning?