RiME Riema is easy since the early days of play since an unnamed boy wakes up on a white beach from which stretches rocky and mysterious ruins on one side, and water expanses on the other, dotted with solemn buildings and beauties natural nature of the Mediterranean to which the game is inspired It is a work that is well suited to appear among those designed by Ueda and is part of that range of titles, few but precious, which propose with delicacy, essentiality and which carry great existential themes .
You will not immediately notice it, because RiME does everything to hide its true and intimate essence, as a stranger who needs your confidence before it turns out and opens completely.Yet he leaves signals, plays with symbols and symbols, talks without talking, tells of silence and pain, whispers in the ear of those who hear.
For all these reasons, it is logical not to expect a classic narrative, or rather the always-wondering one, made up of suggestions and dots to put in place. RiME is first of all on a journey to an inner world that ultimately belongs to all of us. And it is also the discovery of an ideal place where we exist and existed, in an indefinite point of the Mediterranean we have in blood, culture, and historical memory. It is a growth path in a cradle destined – like everything – to twist.
Rime of the ancient mariner
It is good to specify that RiME is not exactly a game for everyone, even though it includes some items in the Zelda, gender platform and puzzle-game. If you can not withstand compassionate rhythms, the congenital slowness of progression and the gameplay essentiality, RiME may not be suitable for you. Although it lasts between six and ten hours, depending on whether you want to make all of your collections available or not, there is a risk that beyond the powerful end you may be less involved in the adventure.
There are no fights in RiME, there is no one to talk about, there are no jobs and alternative ways; there are macro-areas to be fired, key objects to be collected to advance and an important number of environmental puzzles to solve.Almost all are based on perspective games, shadows and contemporary activation of particular statues: some are simple, some more complex, and a few are not immediately clear. Despite this, RiME works and manages to accompany the player to the magnificent epilogue.
 He does this mainly thanks to a truly remarkable artistic direction, able to give a strong identity to the work, which with its pastel colors and the soft realization of the elements of the scenarios can strike and capture without having to scream the titles to which it is He inspires. The music, really well-made and able to range from tunes to other melancholic melodies, emphasize punctuality and good criterion the most significant moments, while in the arch of the ‘
Technically, some sporadic bugs have to be reported, a control system that could have been softer and more responsive, frame rates not exaggerated but obvious, and some less misleading and less inspired environment than usual. However RiME is able to leave a deep mark on who will play it, thanks to a vibrant finish and better than it is the adventure taken in its entirety. As in this case, the goal is certainly more important than traveling, but the kilometers traveled to get there have the power to instill – a posteriori – a new awareness of what has been happening.