Rihanna Pratchet disappointed that in GTA V all heroes are men

Writer and screenwriter Rihanna Pratchett, best known for the updated series Tomb raider, Mirror’s Edge, Thief, Bioshock and other games, gave an interview to the publication Wired… And in it, she talked about her approach to creating game characters.

She, in particular, admitted that she was greatly disappointed. Gta vbecause all three playable characters turned out to be guys.

I know the Hauser talked about the episode Gta as a study of masculinity. And I thought that masculinity should be inherent not only to men, just as femininity is not the prerogative of women. It would be more interesting for me to see a woman acting in such a world. We’ve seen wonderful female characters in “Wiretapping”, And they had to act in the male criminal world. Not to mention the women and their stories in “Orange is the new black“.

I would like developers who are successful in super masculine projects to try to take women as protagonists and see what happens. We have not seen various textures, nuances and other interesting things before, because there are not many first or third person shooters with an adult rating and a female heroine.

Rihanna Pratchett

The screenwriter admitted that she does not like the definition of “strong female character”, because we do not call male heroes strong: they are initially assumed to be strong. Men are made interesting, textured, complex, temperamental or stubborn, but in the case of women, they do not always waste time looking for nuances, textures and uniqueness of stories.

If she were offered to make any game, she would choose an old woman who is trying to survive in the wasteland after her fellow villagers almost burned her at the stake for her ability to solve other people’s problems and investigate crimes.

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