Rhythm Heaven Megamix

In Nintendo are so many franchises that recall some of the time in several years. Musical Rhythm Tengokustarted in the days of Game Boy Advance, and received only three parts – and now the fourth, with the best mini-games for a decade.

The collection of more than a hundred of fun tests, test your sense of rhythm and response; fans with the experience easy to recognize most of them, but a quarter of compositions specially made for the 3DS.

The usual thing: playing badminton for cat and dog on a flying parallel planes, catching germs forks in the green nanotube, as the lunar rabbit jump on the tails and fins of sea creatures.

This whole hell framed unpretentious story about how a dog with pink afro hairstyle trying to get back to the sky, helping to characters such as wickedly cute witch, who wants her home hatched bird, and another dog that considers itself a bee.

Against the background of sounds J-pop with rare Japanese same fate. Some stages are held to the accompaniment of a soloist, with has both English and Japanese dubbing.

Music in any case be an incendiary – you do not notice as you start to nod to the beat. And the quality of the recording is also not let us down.

Around all this hung fanservisa half a dozen hours – from the store to the wild stories revealing objects and additional mini-games to pinball in which to feed the goat radish.

In the interim, give a modified version of plot “levels” and offer to play with people, but go and find them – not bolted online. Although it is possible to transfer the demo with a friend next to 3DS.

Revenge of the dancer: Japanese underworld

What exactly does not change when you play together, as a response to key presses. And it is contradictory, like the Japanese advertising. Fires like adequate, but sometimes requires precision, which is the envy of even the progenitor of the genre, PaRappa the Rapper , where it was impossible to make a mistake on a millisecond.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Additional jobs are often more interesting major.

My personal hell – Flock Step, where you have to march and fly up in the ranks of small birds. Step right, step left from a very fast rhythm is run and entails a kick from the feathered friends. Jump on the spot at the wrong time as an attempt to fly is not considered, and also leads to a kick. Back into the rhythm is almost impossible – screen zapolonyayut dozens of distractions marching birds. Of the one hundred twelve scorers console I shut angrily.

Somewhere near this masochism may lie wonderful LumBEARjack, offering the role of the polar bear to chop wood for the cats in sweat pants and T-shirts. There also appear distracting characters, but they do not interfere; there is also a very bouncy rhythm, but at least it is for people.

The worst thing that the middle of the way, you do not know, please the next test or enrage. Perhaps you are the owner of an ideal hearing and reaction Neo who can reap the keys to the millisecond, but I once spent over an hour at one of the remixes and a half minutes.

Usual levels can skip paying coins, easy to get after passing the job. A remix of several mini-games, then perform the role of “bosses” – no. Someone will help translate the control on the touch screen. But most convenient buttons even if the trigger is not the way you want.

For objectivity’s sake – the main problems occur in those jobs that moved to the Wii, that is originally designed for the big screen. This twenty per cent of content – a lot or a little, decide for yourself.