Revolutionary Concrete Jungle: Far Cry 6 Talks About the Game

Action Games Series Far cry always took place in the open worlds, in which there were various islands, villages and settlements, but there were never big cities. In freshly announced Far cry 6 because of the new setting for the franchise, players will find themselves in urban scenery in the capital of the fictitious country of Yara, which is the prototype of Cuba.

In a recent interview, Far Cry 6 History Development Manager Navid Hawari talked about this aspect, noting that the team did an excellent job in creating the game world. He admitted that he was proud to have had a hand in the first game in the Far Cry series, which features a city setting.

According to Hawari, the city is the center of power for the dictator-antagonist of the game, Anton Castillio, in it, players will feel as if they are in the lion’s den.

In addition, the gameplay will change in the urban environment: you have to move around the roofs of houses and fight in cramped alleys.

Interestingly, in a first-person shooter Homefront: the revolution, which largely repeated the ideas of the Far Cry series of games, an open world in an urban environment has already been introduced.

Far Cry 6 release scheduled for release February 18, 2022 years for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and PC.

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