Review of the XPG Precog Analog gaming headset from the ADATA company

Companies ADATA this year marks 20 years, and during this time it has perfectly established itself as one of the leaders among manufacturers of RAM and solid state drives. Does not forget ADATA and about gamers, releasing under their own gaming brand XPG productive memory, fast SSD-disks and other computer components, such as coolers and cases, and various peripherals.

Today we will talk about a wired headset XPG Precog Analog… Its estimated cost in the Russian Federation is 9990 rubles


The headset comes in a large, bright red cardboard box that opens like a box. The front side shows the headset itself, XPG logos and Hi-Res Audio certification, as well as icons of the main product features. On the sides and back, the manufacturer indicated more detailed information about the features of the headset, including additional accessories for it and a warranty for a period of 2 years, and also visually depicted the complete set.

Inside, the headset is packed in a formatted plastic form, which will protect it during transportation. Also, complete accessories are laid out in separate grooves: a 3.5 mm audio cable with an analog controller (1.25 meters), a 3.5 mm Y-shaped audio cable (1.36 meters) and a detachable microphone. A red envelope with brief instructions, a guarantee and a set of stickers is glued to the top of the plastic mold.


The headset itself weighs 350 grams without wires, and the microphone weighs another 12 grams. XPG Precog Analog is available in a single black color. Outwardly, it resembles studio headphones with very wide speakers. The design is quite discreet and austere enough.

The headband frame is made of aluminum with a chrome-plated electroplating, and at the top it goes into two plastic elastic tubes. The design seems solid. Under them is a soft headband that fits perfectly on the head and is automatically adjusted thanks to a springy pad. The headband is covered in eco-leather, and the edges are finished with red overlock stitching and an embossed XPG logo on the top.

The speakers are framed in shiny plastic. On the outside are the XPG logos on a raised surface with a partially glossy texture. No marks remain on the main part of the speakers, and only small glossy spots on the sides, as usual, get dirty at the first touch of your fingers. The speakers rotate 180 degrees, so there should be no problems with transportation and storage.

The ear cushions, like the headband, are covered mainly with eco-leather of black color, and only in the places of contact with the head does the manufacturer use fabric, from which the contacting skin will sweat less. The inner filler has a memory effect.

The size of the hole in the ear cushions under the auricles is 60 x 41 mm, which should be enough for the complete immersion of the middle auricle. On the inside, the XPG logo and the right or left earphone markings are engraved on the mesh fabric. At the same time, the headphones sit very well and do not crush even after several hours of use. This is achieved thanks to the beveled shape of the ear cushions. They can be removed and replaced if desired.

The main feature of the XPG Precog Analog is hidden under the ear cushions, namely inside the headphones. Hybrid dynastatic speakers are used here. The essence of this solution is that inside each bowl there are two types of speakers – electrostatic and dynamic. The first is a rather expensive and rare headphone driver, which is distinguished by high sound quality and transmission accuracy. This is especially true for high frequencies. The latter realize high-quality and powerful transmission of low frequencies, thereby providing deep bass. The frequency range is 5 – 50,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 102 ± 3 dB / mW, 1 kHz. Resistance – 32 Ohm.

The manufacturer has placed all interfaces for connection on the bottom of the left bowl. There you will find a 3.5 mm jack for an audio cable connection, a 3.5 mm jack for a detachable microphone and a USB Type-C port for connecting a special USB Type-C controller with a built-in sound card, which is sold separately.

The flexible, detachable microphone connects to the left ear cup via the 3.5mm jack in one easy motion and effortlessly. The microphone leg bends in any direction by about 200 degrees, but with a strong bend, it automatically returns to the 90-110 degree position. The windscreen is removable and looks large enough. Its approximate size is 40 x 25 mm.

The XPG Precog Analog uses a highly sensitive unidirectional microphone with a frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz with a sensitivity of -38 dB ± 1.5 dB.


The XPG Precog Analog model has only one connection option out of the box – via the included 3.5 mm audio cable.

The braid of the cable is made of fabric, in the middle there is an analog controller for adjusting the volume and a microphone switch. The connection ports have galvanized metal lugs for increased durability. Using this cable, you can connect these headphones to any 3.5 mm hybrid port, that is, you can use it with laptops, smartphones, tablets, as well as with all current game consoles, including PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One / Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

To connect to the separate speaker and microphone ports on a PC, this headset has a 3.5mm Y-shaped audio cable, which is both an adapter and an extension cord in one bottle. It is made of fabric, and the tips are exactly the same galvanized metal.

The XPG Precog Analog is essentially a stripped down version of the XPG Precog. The difference from the full version is only in the configuration, which is why it costs 15,290 rubles. However, if desired, the missing accessories, which include a carrying case, a USB Type-C controller with built-in sound card, and a USB Type-C to USB Type-A extension cable, can be purchased separately. While everything is generally clear with the case and adapter, the Type-C controller expands the capabilities of the headphones. For example, it adds several sound settings, including virtual 7.1, which can be selected directly using the remote control on the cable. Also, this accessory can activate the backlight, which is built into the embossed parts on the outside of the bowls and glows in a single red color.


And now we come to the most important indicator for this device. As mentioned earlier, this headset uses two types of speakers – electrostatic and dynamic. The former are great for highs, and the latter are good at reproducing lows.

Since this is a gaming headset, we first tested it in several games on PC (Forza Horizon 4), PS5 (Demon’s Souls), Xbox Series X (The Medium) and Nintendo Switch (Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition). To connect to the consoles, only a complete audio cable with an analog controller was used, and in the case of a PC, an additional Y-shaped audio cable was used to connect directly to the built-in Realtek sound card in the Asus X99-A motherboard. The headset offers excellent stereo sound. She showed herself especially cool in Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 after activating 3D sound in the settings.

As for the quality of music playback on a PC, there were no complaints about hybrid dynastatic speakers. Highs sound especially crystal clear, and lows demonstrate deep and pronounced bass. The mids also sound very good, albeit slightly inferior to the low ones. Although this problem can be solved by a small adjustment in the equalizer of the sound card. The volume was quite enough even for the author of these lines, who likes to turn it on louder. No distortions were noticed when listening to music in FLAC format.

The microphone during a party on the PS5 or during a conversation when connected to a smartphone copes with its task with a bang, and the interlocutor hears you clearly. Although he also hears a turned on TV with a low volume level nearby, so the EAC technology does not work without a Type-C controller.


XPG Precog Analog is an excellent and very high quality headset that is suitable for both PC gaming and all modern consoles. She also benefited from audiophile technologies, so that she is great for high-quality listening to music of various genres, provided that the equalizer is correctly adjusted for the desired genre. If you want more in the form of noise cancellation for the microphone, built-in presets for virtual 7.1, shooters or music and activation of the backlight, then you can buy a USB Type-C controller with a built-in sound card or buy the full version right away. Although whether it is worth overpaying more than 5 thousand for this is up to you.

Author: Sergey Dyakonenko (Madnfs)

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