Review of Sally Face. Episode 5 – Memories and Dreams

The final episode of the cult saga in Russia about the adventures of Sally-Kromsali – Sally Face. Episode 5 – Memories and Dreams – I had to put everything in its place, offering a grand finale, but the author of the original Steve Gabri too played in the stylization, losing a thin thread of history.

After a death sentence for the protagonist, his girlfriend Ash tries to save Sally, continuing to fight the mysterious cult who wants to plunge the world into the abyss of original evil.

Throwing a set of clichés and math puzzles onto the player, Steve offers a little less than an hour of repetitive tasks and mini-games in different styles. You move into a cartoon universe filled with happiness, a vector forest where you need to activate special platforms, and into the world of two-dimensional caves and unnecessarily thin heroes.

Together with plasticine forms and cardboard objects, this designer riot of ideas gives the player visual variety, but the story loses its glow and mystery.

The banal finale with several variations of similar endings and illogical or repetitive puzzles are only disappointing.

It seems that the author of the game just wanted to say goodbye to the heroes as soon as possible, highlighting design decisions and various mini-games that took up the last few minutes of game time.