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A decade of vibrant dance series Just dance from Ubisoft was celebrated with the release of the anniversary project Just Dance 2020, which we, obese from quarantine, got to just now.

Standard 40 tracks for new release greased by fashionable Koreans 2NE1 and Blackpink and warming the soul “Skibidi”From domestic music hustlers Littlebig.

Among the innovations is the ability to create your own playlist and story mode with a panda All-star mode, drawing a line under the decade of the dance marathon with tracks of various artists – from Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry before Panic! At the disco.

As before, Just Dance 2020 suggests taking a Joy-Con controller or smartphone (most importantly, do not run it on a TV or window) and arrange a competition with friends or family members.

Some tracks have increased complexity and alternative dance versions. To open some, you will need to dance several times or score the right amount of points.

With all the variety of music, there’s especially nothing to choose from (well, not Monatica same), and the standard line is quickly boring, since Ubisoft makes the main bet on its service Just dance unlimited.

The first month of this service you can try for free, and for the rest you will have to pay a monthly fee.

And this is the main problem – Just Dance Unlimited with more than 500 tracks completely eliminates all the new versions of Just Dance, starting in 2016, which, in addition to fresh music, offer only cosmetic changes.

For example, having a subscription and Just Dance 2017, you can get all the same music content as buyers of later versions.

Well, of course, nothing has changed in terms of tracking the body. You can just stand and shake your hand with the controller, cheating on the game.

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