Return to Morrowind

In any genre, there are always things for many become a measure of quality. And let the technology to make a great leap forward, let the schedule is already dangerously close to a similar reality, even the possibility of creating game worlds have become virtually limitless – still some religious things will forever remain in the hearts of dedicated fans.

Fifteen years ago, I saw the light of creation, which is forever cemented his status as the standard RPG. It is, of course, about The Elder Scrolls 3: of Morrowind .

At that time it was a real breakthrough. Even a decade later, thousands of fans continue to travel the island Vvanderfell, firing rock jockeys and simultaneously trying to prove the three Great Houses and Ashlander pile up, they – the ones Nerevarine.

After all, they are destined to save Morrowind from the terrible scourge of Dagoth Ur, where the local population – Dunmer – styled none other than the Devil himself. But enough about the past years, because today we will focus on the ideological heirs “Morra” – addition to the controversial among fans of MMORPG «Scrolls” of The Elder Scrolls Online a very familiar name Morrowind.

Welcome.  Again.Welcome. Again.

There is absolutely no reason to go into the details and thoroughly describe the gameplay itself “mmoshki”. Since its release TESO has already how to conquer the hearts of many, and set fire to the fifth point of even larger community. And few people are concerned that many of the objects of censure of the project a long time ago were perelopacheny in a new way.

And for the research it is available for almost all of Tamriel, which brings us back to the roots of the franchise, which was presented just such a system of the world. Until recently, the players could not visit the mainland Vvanderfell, featured in TES 3: of Morrowind , which, I suppose, was upsetting for many.

But ZeniMax Online Studios determined to correct this deficiency, and quite an interesting way – by appealing to a sense of nostalgia for the old men, even from memory one can jump levitation to cross the Red Mountain, starting in Balmora and landing in Fayrvotche.

Remember how the guard at the tower Fargota to find out where he keeps his precious ring?Remember how the guard at the tower Fargota to find out where he keeps his precious ring?

It is known that in each game of the series protagonist begins his journey in prison. A new addition to the TESO is not an exception.

The player floats on the ship towards the land of the Dunmer, he is captured by slave traders, chosen from custody, and the first thing … gets to the office of the port town of Seyda Neen. Nothing like? That’s right. We are virtually the same as the way Nerevarine.

More precisely, it is preceded by: after all, the same Nerevarine, which even yesterday’s storm did not wake up, will take the same route only after a hundred years!


For seven hundred years – nearly a millennium – were turned into dust the ancient city, collapsed empires, varied climate and landscape of the entire planet, and the town of Seyda Neen require only light cosmetic repairs. Lyapota, and only.

Virtually everything that could be done in the original Morrowind, is available here. Right at the start of the game no one disturbs the protagonist search every little bit bryakayuschy drakes pocket this backwater, collected from the tables and shelves all the plates and forks in order to sell them later for a pittance, and then kill the chicken and get a fine from the guardians of order. By the way, they are still watching you, jerk!

And here is the main street of Seyda Neen.  The head itself begins to play softly forever ingrained in my head musical motif, followed by a visit to this location.And here is the main street of Seyda Neen. The head itself begins to play softly forever ingrained in my head musical motif, followed by a visit to this location.

Newcomer in TESO , but a veteran of the old Morrowind first of all struck by the difference of combat systems. And if there is at least someone who thinks boevku TES 3 better than the local, let him first cast a stone at me. And misses, of course, because they first need to properly hone the skill of throwing stones and spend a certain amount of money to take private lessons.

Joking aside, the combat system TESO(except for magic, probably) on the procedure bypasses boevki previous installments of the franchise. Battle Stance, kick, bounce to the side. A powerful blow, slip, loss of orientation.

Blocking the enemy is stunned – it’s time to overturn it on the ground. The enemy is? We push it with a single swipe of the blade. This, frankly, was not even in the penultimate game of the series – Skyrim .

Familiar outlines?  These buildings has yet to find his fame.Familiar outlines? These buildings has yet to find his fame.

The distance between locations on Vvanderfelle unfortunately, substantially less than the original Morrowind. Riding the horse can reach Vivek, who at that time is still in the process of building, just a one and a half to two minutes. Then, having developed a horse, spend five minutes on the journey up to the majestic Balmora. But, on the other hand, even at this distance, if you follow the quests, as the plot, and the side, you can spend many, many hours. In addition, the job exciting, the plot is non-trivial and makes dive into the story entirely.

So Vivek was probably in his best years. So Vivek was probably in his best years.

By the way, in those days Vvanderfell has not yet turned into a lifeless desert, which we used to see in the third part of TES. Fields, meadows, forests – all this is full of greenery and all sorts of wildlife. ZeniMax really tried their best, because every corner of this island is designed to the smallest detail. Everything looks very authentic – the designers had a titanic work, is clearly not zaseivaya area with grass and trees with a wide brush, and painstakingly building the finest natural and man-made structures.

And over the menacing fuming gizmo on the horizon can be seen from any part of the island.  Yes, that really there: perfectly visible and the mainland.And over the menacing fuming gizmo on the horizon can be seen from any part of the island. Yes, that really there: perfectly visible and the mainland.

Of course, neither of which hardcore can not walk and talk. Content is created mostly for casual gamers, barrier to entry is extremely low, but at the same time from the start of the player are given to understand that the development options it quite a lot. This is not World of WarcraftWhere the protagonist is only one type of armor and to the very end add-ons does not say goodbye to the legendary weapon. You can put on a bath towel draped over the head of burnt pot, arm handle of a shovel, and from such a “spec” will also be a good judge. Of course, there are some limitations associated with the chosen during character creation class, but even within the same Knight of the Dragon (edakogo warrior Dragonborn) can become virtually anyone. No one bothers to combine different types of armor “heavy”, fire villains fireballs and arrows, and then switch to a shield, a sword and rush into the melee. So how would Hayter TESO not trying to belittle her for allegedly castrated system of character development, we should not believe them.

- M'aiq would like to have fish sticks, to give it to you.  Unfortunately, it is not.– M’aiq would like to have fish sticks, to give it to you. Unfortunately, it is not.

Even if TESO on his early days did not become some kind of a breakthrough, the thorough grinding of the product gave him much needed in the current diversity of content freshness. Supplement Morrowind is definitely worth trying out as a seasoned fans of the genre as well as beginners, are unfamiliar with RPG. And let no one confuses MMO console: if it be the will of the player, he always has the opportunity to refuse to interact with other people.