Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Immediately I emphasize that I have never before played Return to Castle then Wolfenstein . It is a shame for a gaming journalist, I agree. That is why I correct gaps in their (and sometimes readers) knowledge, touching the golden fund of classic games for the first time, without the nostalgic feelings and pink glasses on the bridge of the nose.
Summer’s drought – a catastrophic event for all couch potatoes, introverts, gamers and all igrozhurov. And since we are in the editorial imbued with the recent announcement of Wolfenstein: of The the New of Colossus , I thought,
“Why not play Return to Castle Wolfenstein» It is not too old, works flawlessly and gave the course a “modern” Wolfenstein franchise. For sure there will be something to talk about.
And indeed, there is talk about.

Well-forgotten new

I? Chickened out? What is missing is a spit in the face for effect.
A small historical reference. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released in 2001 under the auspices of Activision , which bought the rights to use the franchise from id Software . For the storyline of the game studio
responsible Gray Gray Matter Interactive has (not id; here they were producers), and for the network mode – Nerve Software . In essence, the “Return to Vulfenshteyn Castle” was a “soft” reset Wolfenstein 3D. Reinterpretation of the classic game, which is already considered to be retro, but adjusted to modern technology, which will allow developers to fully realize their ambitions.
Indeed, in the late nineties shooter entered a new era – the era of cinematic and epic. Here Gray Matter and tried to gently float the old principles and new trends into one hard hit by the game on a slightly modified id Tech 3.
In the shoes of the permanent scourge of fascism and the record holder for the number of cut scalps – Bee-Dzheya Blaskovitsa – players entrusted personally to uncover the truth about the mystery investigations of Nazi scientists. And along the way, of course, destroy all the sinister intentions, kicking each Hitler’s portrait and eating all the food reserves of the Germans on their way.
Damn Krauts. Having read his grimoires and cause Satan.
Gameplay RtCW – model computer shooter. However, to compare it with the Doom and Quake are not quite right. Genre fathers pay more attention to the speed and pure reflexes. RtCW – about the cunning and the ability to use the tools in the arsenal of Blaskowitz. It is not so demanding on the players both in single and in multiplayer, but compensates newfound “causality” unusual dynamics of the gameplay.

Prыg, jump, hendehoh

In Quake, the game consists of “missions”, divided into three to five chapters – each with their own objectives, locations and nuances.
And the pace of the game is not sags from a giant empty levels, and the engine does not suffer from excessive load. Rather than for the sake of “epic” shooters contemporaries do impressive and rather faded locations, Gray Matter created a series of miniature test length is substantially longer than ten minutes.
Architectural levels – a cross between a maze of endless acidic Doom and modern “corridors”.
Getting lost is impossible, but to seek nychki, sekretiki and indulge in an interactive environment can be long – Nazi gold itself does not redistribute the global economy. In addition, unlike the predecessors of the sort of arena shooter, there are full details of location. Many of them can “touch” a hot boot Blaskowitz from what they crashed to pieces.
In the barracks the Germans almost always possible to find a constant bratvyurst, sliced ​​bacon and schnapps. BJ – both of Masha “Masha and the Bear.” Nazis killed, ate their food, slept in their bed. Even heritage in every corner.
For a kick meets a separate button. If you adapt himself, you can learn to prance on levels of non-stop cancan.
Tasks have Blaskowitz often more clever than “kill all, and before reaching the end.” Maybe once and can not be said, but the main character – special agent.
Therefore, the problem often lies on him to steal a particularly important information that the Nazis convenient and affordable recorded in a special book (always be so!). Or, for example, to steal an experimental airplane, first prepare it for takeoff. According to the instructions. Recorded in a special book. The Nazis are very fond of their books.
The game tries to once again not to get stuck in your own pace. She obviously really wants (it is clear) to get into the shoes Half-Life a permanent peace-building, a regular change of scenery and interactivity. Prevents the old with the new, but … humble, I suppose.
Not fanning out of molehills. In the modern shooter landing paratroopers SS would probably have won their own two-minute cutscene, then it just happens to RtCW, and everything. It may not be noticed at all, if you do not hear the roar of airplanes. You also will be released sideways, because the paratroopers fantastic hurt and shoot accurately.
He is nothing suspect. Then find him with thirty knife wounds.
Fights, casual conversations and exposure occur, but do not shout about itself. Either this is a tribute to the old shooter, or a sign that RtCW quite good opinion about the player soobrazhalku to that was always on the alert. We’re in enemy territory, there can happen anywhere.
You never know where you are waiting for enemies, and the game does not seek to make the task easier. Well, you know, not like in many of today’s shooter where design locations clearly understand what will be the next segment. Here we have a beautiful scenery – so will talk and plot, nothing to fear. Oh, and here the arena with a lot of hiding places – very interesting, whether the shootout?
Blaskowitz’s not small. What you want for it and pay attention, but do not complain when the game will remind you that it is not necessary for a long time snapping beak. For example, the hero of advance warning that one of the levels is protected by a special squad female “Amazon” – well-trained killers. Do they run whooping into battle? No. They will wait in ambush, and take a number. What we can expect, if for a moment to stop and think.

Aufiderzeyn, weapons!

Another detail that is very different from RtCW “run-shoot” shooters – ganpley.
Firstly, Blaskowitz happen to hold in the hands of an authentic and well-modeled weapons during the Second World War. Most of the fascist – being mishandled in the German rear, to obtain native Stars and Stripes BAR or “Beretta” is not easy. In the rare moments when the boss gives antediluvian “Thompson” and “Colt 1911” cartridges to consider them as meticulously as a gray hair on his head.
So crank it up, the war itself is not at war!