Resident Evil: Revelations 2

A month after the premiere of the first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 , we finally have the complete package at our disposal and we can take stock of what has been this sequel to the remarkable game of Capcom originally released on


Nintendo 3DS, and that subsequently gave the jump to domestic platforms and PC. If you have been aware of the last weeks, you will have seen that every week we analyze each of the episodes launched on digital platforms individually, so we

Pillars of Eternity

will not repeat in detail what we said about each one of them, but rather to make a Overall balance and assess everything else offered by its physical versionor rather, its full version, because the extra episodes were also included as such in the season pass.


Having said that, we recommend you read the texts of each episode individually in order to have a more particular idea of ​​each one of them. Click on their names to access each of them: 1. Criminal colony , 2. Contemplation , 3. Judgment , 4. Metamorphosis .

Revelations 2, the game
As in the original, in Revelations 2 we find the increasingly common mix of action game and survival horror, with more of the first than the second.


The title of 2011, which knew how to update the traditional feeling of the saga, is now continued with a product that begins very strong and gradually dilutes to practically all levels. So, if the first episode is practically a survival with specific moments of action, the last one is a kill-kill in almost every moment. And it’s a shame because


“Colonia Penal” is one of the best starts we remember in a game with this type of distribution, offering a solid starting point in which we meet with iconic characters of the franchise and other new, among which include – how not – the protagonists of the story:


Claire Redfieldand Moira Burton, on the one hand, who star in the initial half of each of the four episodes; and Barry Burton and Natalia, whom we’ll take in the remaining portion. The fact is that everything was at a high level: fair action, moderate


exploration but at least, there was; and in Barry’s part, there was an extraordinary game with lights and shadows, creating moments not of terror but of


constant restlessness. With “Contemplation”, the thing was derived to the action but it was doing well. We started from a closed scenario

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3: Judgment (360) Screenshot
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3: Judgment (360) Screenshot Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3: Judgment (360) Screenshot

, picked up some time debtor of previous titles of the franchise, as that assault on the house of Resident Evil 4, and both parties (Claire / Barry)


were linked well. Both Claire and Barry, in their role as action characters, had their role well balanced by doing the right damage, and a series of weapons that covered all possible spectra of damage, speed and range. We scored both with an 8/10, taking into account especially its price (€ 5) and its ability to create good moments at the narrative level ,


in addition to the playable ones. And all this apart from expanding the Assault mode, but we’ll talk about that later. The problem was “Judgment” and “Metamorphosis”, and just for opposite reasons. The argumentIt was still very interesting, advancing with


intelligence, but only in one of the two halves. Thus, the part of Claire in “Judgment” was quite a success, for its extended duration and variety. Not like Barry’s.


And conversely it happened in “Metamorphosis”, where the worst part was taken by the female team with a duration of 15 minutes.

In global, assuming each element and adding it, we realize that in truth we are facing an action game with some punctual moment of tension.


The ammunition is spent consistently, and the experience varies greatly in its levels of difficulty especially by the endurance creatures. It is well adjusted in this regard, but it is a game that generally does not punish mistakes too much since there are checkpoints every few minutes and yes, its duration that acceptable (around an hour and a half / two hours per episode). Everything adds


up to almost eight hours of play completing the campaign only once, but the truth is that the package has much more to offer especially for the most complete fan: a good number of medals consisting of specific tests of each episode, regardless of achievements / trophies;


possibility of replaying each part in time trial mode , having to control the time at all times; and even an invisible mode, in which we can only see enemies temporarily using Moira or Natalia. The challenge is server, if we also take into account that there are other collectibles – stars, drawings, etc -.