Resident Evil Resistance Authors Introduce New Survivor – review

Capcom introduced new character Resident evil resistance – Martin Sandwich.

According to the authors, Martin is an experienced engineer and mechanic, so he will be able to create traps that will slow or stun opponents.

However, the players were attracted by the strange name of the new survivor. Apparently, the developers send us to the meme that the original Resident evil. When Barry Burton saved Jill Valentine from a trap with a falling ceiling, he said that she almost turned into a Jill sandwich.

Recall that Resident Evil Resistance is an action movie with asymmetric multiplayer. Four survivors try to escape from the laboratory, while the fifth player interferes with them, setting traps and opponents, as well as blocking doors.

Formerly Capcom announced remake Resident evil 3while the company announced that Resident Evil Resistance will become a multiplayer component of the project. The release of games will take place on April 3 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Martin Sandwich