Remember Skies of Arcadia? The developer encouraged fans to demonstrate their interest in Sega Skies of Arcadia 2

In 2000, the company Sega released on the console Dreamcast role play Skies of arcadia, which received very high marks in the press (average rating on Metacritic today is 93%) and gained cult status among a small layer of JRPG fans among the owners of the system. Two years later, the project was updated with new content and transferred to Gamecube, but neither the original nor the reprint due to various circumstances failed to become sufficiently successful. At different times, there were rumors on the network about the continuation, and then the remaster of the game for modern platforms, but they never found confirmation. Sega did not forget about the franchise. For example, the key characters of the adventure appeared in Valkyria chroniclesand the central protagonist of Arcadia, Weiss, became a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Today is a veteran of Sega Kenji Hiruta, who worked on the original Skies of Arcadia as a programmer, suddenly remembered the project and talked about a meeting with the artist Itsuki Hoshi. In 2023, she painted the following Weiss illustration:

“Dear Skies of Arcadia fans, please look at this masterpiece. I’m so moved! Even after twenty years we get new art from the game. Incredible! I’m happy,” wrote Hiruta.

Several hundred fans reacted to the developer’s message, after which he announced a contest. From the number of people who retweeted his record, he will randomly select one fan at the end of January who will receive an autograph from the artist Hoshi.

Seeing the positive reaction, Hiruta hastened to express confidence that if Skies of Arcadia fans show Sega their interest in Skies of Arcadia 2then she may consider creating a sequel.

Later, the developer added that he personally really wants to take part in creating a new game. His message at the time of this writing collected 3.2 thousand likes.

The action of Skies of Arcadia takes place in a large world consisting of endless clouds and islands floating in the air, between which people travel by air ships. The story tells about the confrontation between the team of the protagonist, the young pirate Weiss, a powerful Valuana empire trying to take possession of powerful ancient weapons that can destroy the world.

While many Japanese role-playing games of the nineties and early 2000s featured aircraft mainly as means of crossing large distances, spectacular battles on ships using massive weapons and magic shells were also presented in Skies of Arcadia. Exploring the vast universe, heroes could also stumble upon gigantic aerial monsters.

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