Remember Me

Capcom is a company that has shown over the years that it is capable of making and promoting products that go beyond names like Street Fighter or Resident Evil . In fact, in the present generation of consoles there are few new intellectual properties published by the Japanese developer. Some successfully (Dead Rising) and others not so much (Dark Void). This June ,


a new IP: Remember Me comes to PC , Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 . An adventure and action video game set in a futuristic world and developed by Dontnod Entertainment, a company that opens in the industry with this project. Welcome to the Neo-Paris of 2084.

In the middle of the current generation of consoles, Capcom asserted that the future of many of its games was to offer projects and developments to Western companies. Through this method they served the sequel Dead Rising 2 to an American studio, while even a saga as prestigious as Devil May Cry would have a reboot hand in hand with the Europeans Ninja Theory .


For this occasion, history repeats itself. The developers are Dontnod Entertainment, a company created in 2008 in France that has Opera Remember this Remember Me.


Behind these “unknown” are developers who have been in companies like Ubisoft or Quantic Dream and have worked on major licenses such as Splinter Cell and Heavy Rain. They are not exactly new.

Nilin is the protagonist of Remember Me.  A hunter of memories in distress.
Nilin is the protagonist of Remember Me. A hunter of memories in distress.

Remember Me was a project that was previously known as Adrift, because of the initial will of the developers of the company to create a title in which the protagonist will sail at full speed through a coastal city with an individual vehicle. Little by little Dontnod began to take an interest in the idea of ​​memories, and finally they discarded the first idea they had in mind.


Even Paris, which was not the favorite city to place the title in its beginnings, ended up being the ideal place to start the adventure of Nilin, Neo Paris’s most spectacular memory huntress. And the one that is also facing the biggest challenge. Both at a general level and also at a personal level.

Remember Me is postulated as a new action adventure, a genre that is not very up to date due to the proliferation of shooters in third and first person,


and that clearly drinks from the current influences in the videogame industry. Dontnod offers many elements that have triumphed in large franchises in recent years. The combat system remembers Batman Arkham, the platforms to titles like Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted. In addition, the doses of spectacularity and linearity are


also a hallmark of the house in the generation that says goodbye to us in 2013. This, in any case, is neither a criticism nor a praise (of service) but a reality.


The operation of these mechanics and the totally original points of the French work, which there are and many, make up an interesting proposal, although far away from the major references. But a hopeful first stone, considering that we are talking about a new IP.

The game of lights is important at the playable level, as well as a visual wonder.
The game of lights is important at the playable level, as well as a visual wonder.

The premiere of Dontnod is a game of contrasts. We are facing a high-speed video game, with a variety of situations that make us combine platforms, combats, some puzzles and other additions throughout the eight episodes that make up the adventure.


So point offers us bright elements like others quite improvable. In addition, the safe bet that the Unreal Engine 3 engine is also a double-edged sword, since the comparison with other games using the Epic Games engine is not always beneficial for Remember Me and some of the errors detected in this Generation of said motor are present in the Capcom game.

The future and its memories
The action of Remember Me is located in the year 2084 in the midst of a futuristic Neo Paris. One of the great technological advances of the time, in addition to the widespread use of drones and robots for all kinds of functionalities (both daily and security), the


highlight is the management of memories, which can be stored, bought and sold as if one more service was involved. Privacy is a thing of the past, and there are companies that market with the memory of citizens. Something commonly accepted despite how bad an idea like this sounds. In the middle of this world is Nilin, the protagonist of Remember Me.