Remedy’s first game, Death Rally, turns 25 – Igromania

Studio Remedy September 6, 1996, exactly 25 years ago, released an arcade racing action movie Death rally… It was the first project of the famous Finnish studio, and from the very beginning the game was well received. Subsequently, a remake was released for it, the game appeared on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of their debut project, Studio Remedy recalled that the classic version of Death Rally in Steam became free and will always remain free. Anyone can download the game at any time and get acquainted with the classics of top-down racing, which received 90% of positive reviews.

In Death Rally, we start at the bottom of the leaderboard with $ 495 in our hearts and a rookie car, the Vagabond. To get money for a better car, players have to participate in deadly races: all cars are equipped with weapons, and with time and upgrades.

To mark the big date, Remedy released a vintage T-shirt with the game’s “classic” logo. It was valued at 29 euros.

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