Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

A ruined kingdom
The story begins in an absolutely atypical way: our protagonist, young Kay, finds he is the worthy heir to the throne of Ascalia’s kingdom. To such a news many of you would loose champagne bottles, organize festivals for the crowning of the new kings and the more you put them in; It is a pity that Loren’s family, of which the neo-prince is part, has slowly left the kingdom
with debts to his neck and in a state of total ruin. I am not all roses and flowers in the kingdom of Ascalia. Kay will have no other choice but to try to bring the kingdom back to his ancient agony, aided by the spirit of his late grandfather, his two sisters, and the inevitable servant.
As you have understood, the plot does not pretend to be taken seriously, but it is actually very light and full of jokes and comic situations that, accompanied by a powerful English dubbing, seemed to us to be enjoyable.
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs
Strategy and tenacity
Le battaglie si svolgono su una mappa a scacchiera, in cui potranno essere presenti anche ostacoli insuperabili; durante il nostro turno potremo muoverci e utilizzare le nostre abilità, a patto che la linea visiva ce lo permetta. Questa è una delle features di Regalia: non basta infatti che il nemico rientri nel raggio d’azione di una determinata skill, ma il nostro personaggio non dovrà avere nemmeno impedimenti a livello visivo (ad esempio un muretto a protezione del nostro avversario). Ogni skill consumerà un determinato numero di punti azione e ogni personaggio potrà conservarne fino a 10.
Since the only way to attack is to use these skills, the player must be very careful about the clash and the enemies, even because there is no possibility to cure their wounds. To compensate for the absence of potions and healing units (a choice), developers have introduced shield points: a special defense that can be activated if skill is foreseen and, if present, will protect the life points of the ‘ hero. There are also authority points, shared among all the characters, and that can be spent as we please to allow for further action or to trigger a devastating special skill.
Above all, the elimination of healing mechanics favored an exploration of possible approaches to tackle enemy hosts, but, as Tactical-RPG players know well, making an evaluation mistake can be fatal. By combining the two things, we find ourselves in a difficult, but not sadistic, system that punishes the player’s mistakes, but exalts the successes.
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs
The life of a sovereign
Our task will be to achieve a certain goal within a different number of in-game days; we are free to act at will, but if we could not accomplish our duty then it would be over game.
 We could choose to spend resources to rebuild the kingdom, spend our time with our allies to strengthen our bond, thereby activating new skills and special bonuses, or exploring the different gameplay areas.We will be in these areas for several days, with randomly generated paths for each new entry, and there will be 3 different events: the battles we have already talked about are an adventure in which we must make the right deci
sions and dialogue choices presence of a camp, which will serve as a “checkpoint”, in which the characters defeated in battle will be alive and we can save our progress. By exploring, we may also find some basic resources for the rebuilding of the kingdom, since it will not be enough to have enough money, but also keep enough materials. Regalia therefor
e promises to ensure a good level of challenge in all points of view, although we must point out that in the full version it will be possible to select an easier way, not present in the Beta we tried. It should also be emphasized the soundness of the soundtrack, composed of the same team as the Endless Legend , and the appreciable “cartoon” graphic style with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds.