The E3 is an incredible show that is able to warm the hearts of enthusiasts by reveling announcements about the most important productions that will be released this year. We do not only live AAA though, and that is why we went to the Devolver Digital boys booth on the last day of the event to try out all the Gambitius Games lineup: we are facing you Indie titles really appealing and mostly developed by teams of very few people. As in the case of Redeemer , this action browler created by Sobaka Studio, a group of five guys who thanks to a simple but captivating idea managed to give birth to a enjoyable and deserved game.
A little God of War a bit Iron Fist
The protagonist is Vasily, an elite soldier who worked for one of the most ruthless elite armies in the world. Throughout his many missions, our protagonist proved a true killer without piety, killing and torturing all of his ill-fated victims. When the company for which he worked decided to turn it into one of his cyborgs, Vasily fled, taking refuge in a monastery on the tops of the mountains.
After twenty years of isolation in an attempt to enter into peace with himself and the world, Vasily is set to return to the field: the company he was working for was trying to kill him, and for Vasily this could be the right occasion for revenge. A little God of War, a bit Iron Fist we said: the plot of Redeemermixes the flavor of revenge with isolation from society, then slamming the protagonist into that system that so hated.
Vasily’s look is very similar to that of the famous Kratos, while martial arts training by way of isolation remembers very closely the Marvel series that has just landed on Netflix. But Redeemer does not make his plot the most important part, though in the end it is not so bad. If narrative pretenses have failed to hit you, we recommend reading the next paragraph; Redeemer has a violent, dynamic and rhythmic gameplay. Give it a chance because it will conquer you.
At a rush of crap
Few keys, so much substance: Redeemer’s gameplay(our test was on pc, but equipped with controller) is immediate but not that simple. Instead, we found ourselves in front of a stratified structure that, in addition to the basic attacks on the X and Y keys, provides the dodge with the A key and the ability to disarm the opponents with the timely combination of left trigger and right stick.
Elevated camera and rivers of enemies, that with the advance of the levels (3 in total) will become increasingly more difficult and above all different, each with a different look and -obviously-different attack pattern. Fighting will not only be bare hands, we will have available white weapons, automatic rifles, guns and shotguns. All conveyed by a throbbing sound and seasoned with sound effects (for example, the firing of the gun-off shotgun) incredibly impactful and taken directly from games like Doom (word of the developers).
We played for half an hourRedeemer , and we did not want to get away: you want the extreme speed and familiarity that the controls are able to return, either because the level of challenge is very high and you will soon find yourself with your tight teeth to try to overcome the level, which also include pussies boss assured that there will be very challenging, due to the special skills of the bosses that will put you in great difficulty.