Stealing the Flame of the East, Bonuses and Crimes – in the Fresh Patch for Red Dead Online

This week players Red dead online the next update is awaiting: it is now possible to get more RDO $ and experience for theft Flame of the East, earn rewards for completing contracts “Bloody money”And club bonuses”Agile Shooter”No. 3, quickly navigate the map completely free of charge, as well as take advantage of regular discounts.

The luxurious Flame of the East stone is hidden in the hills of Annesberg – you can approach its abduction with imagination, but Rockstar there are some helpful tips and suggestions.

Even more RDO $ and experience can be gained through contracts Bluewater and “Cornwall”, and for completing any Blood Money contract, they give a free vest and 2000 experience. Also, all players have a chance to earn additional capital banknotes.

Until October 4, the “Nimble Shooter” club No. 3 will operate, during which you can get various awards and bonuses, as well as valuable items. Holders of four club subscriptions will be given the upcoming “Halloween subscription” number 2 completely free of charge.