In the future, people have found space on the outskirts of the planet Far Eden, more or less liveable. Conditions there are, of course, so-so: the surface of the desert, and the strongest sandstorms make the air unbreathable.

Option is so-so, but do not have to choose, because humanity urgently needs a new home – on Earth rages mows population of the plague, and only the lucky escapes, amputating limbs to the disease will spread throughout the body.

For terraforming on Far Eden sent an army of intelligent robots working on the energy of the nuclei, as well as engineers who need help in improving the artificial intelligence of the planet.

According to the plan, by the time the process of terraforming and urban development is complete, at Far Eden ships arrive, full of holiday-makers in a cryogenic sleep earthlings. The plan, of course, fails.

Juhl, the main character of the game and one of the engineers sent to the Far Eden first party, awakens from a dream and discovers that nothing is built, robots gone mad, and the relationship no one goes.

She accompanied kibersobaki Mack goes to survive, collect scrap metal, just like Ray of the seventh episode of “Star Wars,” and to understand who is to blame and what to do

The situation is complicated by the fact that Julia’s father – a scientist who invented Cores technology, and create a plan to move Far Eden.

In ReCore quite an interesting setting and story, and if you close your eyes to the moronic dialogue in the spirit of “I did it! – Well done! I thought I had lost you! “, Then on its history is even possible to have fun.

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To work on ReCore Microsoft called Mark Pacyna, led the development of the trilogy Metroid Prime, and was produced by the creator of Mega Man Keiji Inafune.

Therefore ReCore – this 3D-platformer in which you feel the effect of these games.

But she does not copy the classics, and only takes a few elements and arranges them on the basis of its own type of gameplay.

From Metroid Prime took backtracking and dynamic combat system with the fixation of goals (in this regard ReCore still resembles an old Jet Force Gemini), but from the Mega Man – design approach platformingovyh stages that require perseverance and responsiveness.

On top of all that stuff strung compact and open world RPG-system with pumping and crafting.

It may seem that such a large object is unlikely to sustain its weight. At first I was too skeptical about the idea – after all, the last time a major project decided to shove all the mechanics turned out Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which I prefer not to remember.

But the abundance of concepts ReCore felt quite harmoniously, and they surprisingly interact with each other seamlessly. The thing is that the mechanics of the plot and gameplay are linked by a common idea.

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Hostile robots, like animals, are divided into several types – brisk bar (seriously, there is a robot sheep), gorillas, spiders, drones in the form of flies.

Toward the middle of the game still there are small tanks, self-propelled, which is surrounded by sheep and monkeys look, shall we say, impressive.

Someone quickly reduces the distance and painful bites for the most expensive place, some prefer to fire at a distance.

Opponents also differ in color Cores. Red robots allowed fiery waves, blue beat current, yellow shoot something like oil – fell under the action of a negative effect, it is necessary to quickly press one of the buttons, so as not to burn or stick.

In the course of the passage of Juhl unlocks new “colors” of his gun, which allows not only to open the locked door locks, but also to do more damage to enemies of the respective colors.

The combat system in ReCore quite dynamic and original, but its main feature is both the main disadvantage – a fixation on purpose makes shooting in the struggle with sponges, absorbing cartridges.

The same applies to the battles with the bosses. Yes, the game makes often and switch maneuver, but still all comes down to “shoot until it dies.”

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Juhl help a variety of friendly robots that are also separated by color. The aforementioned dog Mack is responsible for the energy of the blue kernels – it is better to natravlyat robots like him, and the corresponding characteristic recovery rate spetsudary, it is better developed than others.

Each robot is useful. Yellow Spider Network, for example, firing missiles and allows to move on a special transport webs, and red smashed stones piled Duncan hit passages. On the basis of gradually opening mechanic built backtracking – having learned a new ability, you can return to the already explored location and to get there, where before it was impossible to climb. So you can find a chest with the resources or the entrance to the dungeon.

Teammates can be pumped, creating from improvised rubbish reinforced parts or pumping robots nuclear energy. Gathering the necessary resources required for this – over time the opponents are starting to bite for the most expensive place more painful, and I want to match. Fortunately, the passage is built so that you do not have anything “farm” for pumping. In order to obtain the required minimum of materials, you just open and shoot everyone in your path boxes and more or less play well. Experience gained depends on whether you can conduct a shootout beautifully, adding to a combination of murder and pulling Cores of enemies with a hook.