We agree that Keiji Inafune has great recognition for being the producer of titles like Megaman , Onimusha and the saga of Dead Rising and now returns to the fray with his latest creation named ReCore .

The story begins by embodying the role of Joule a young woman who after awakening from a cryogenic dream is in a desert world and practically solitary and without human life but dominated by violent machines of all kinds.

Luckily, the young woman is not alone and defenseless in this hostile world and is that since the beginning of the adventure we are accompanied by our faithful robotic dog companion named Mak, who will take care of Joule and accompany her in this adventure.


But this will not be the only character that we will have by our side to throw a cable when we need it and that is that throughout the adventure will join our


ranks other characters with different skills that will allow us to move forward and access new areas. We would like to talk to you about more things about the adventure, but we will avoid it to save destripes.

Focusing on the graphic section is nothing impressive and will not show us anything that will surprise you, in fact, many textures leave a lot to be desired and the modeling of certain characters and their quality leave a little cold as well as the occasional animation ,


but it’s not something that squeaks in the eye when it comes to playing. Inafune does not seek to surprise in this section, but focuses on giving the player entertainment and fun through the mechanics.


The truth is that the scenarios manage to attract attention and it is not that they are a visual scandal or a gift for the eyes, but there are times that they manage to get the desert landscapes that are the protagonists of the title to put us squarely in the setting.

ReCore (PC) screenshot

The gameplay It is difficult to debate in this title. The controls of our character are fluid, although there are times when faced with certain enemy attacks our


character struggles to escape from the next blow, but this happens very rarely and it is not usual, so it is not something that should be taken into account. account. What we have to pay attention to is when we get serious and


start facing enemies with the help of our rifle, and that the aiming system is very simple: left trigger to aim (automatically to each enemy )


and right trigger to shoot. The problem with this is that as we have mentioned, the aiming system is totally automatic, so that we automatically fix each enemy and when we finish with one, the grid is fixed directly in another one.

This manages to make the combats a walk in the park as soon as you have a little skill and experience in games of this type. In fact, in the first 3-4 hours of play we do not die even once, triumphing over a few challenge rooms and three final bosses. It is true that if it


were not for this targeting system the fights would be a little crazy since most of the enemies move and jump quickly. There is also a series of interesting mechanics that give a twist to these encounters and force us not to relax too much.

ReCore (PC) screenshot

The game could be summarized in three words that are action , exploration and puzzles . As we mentioned a few lines ago, a series of very interesting mechanics are introduced that give flavor and rhythm to the game. To begin with, the mechanics in


combat make it stop being something so simple to force us to do something different to sit, get comfortable and aim and shoot without more. Joule can use different gadgets as several types of colored ammunition that depending on the type of enemy and its color we must use to cause the greatest possible damage.

Once we can reduce the life of the enemy below a series of marks represented in its life indicator, Joule can make use of its core extractor and thanks to


a (literally) tug of war technique we can extract the enemy’s nucleus and finish him. This kind of mechanic / minigame is based on releasing the joystick when the cable of the core extractor is red and pull it when it returns to its original state and the enemy has


stopped pulling to release, this way the player is achieved be more aware of when there is little energy left to the enemy and of extracting the nuclei at the right moment, thus removing us from such combat so simple that they could appear at first.