Razer unveils new versions of its popular DeathAdder and Basilisk gaming mice

Company Razer introduced DeathAdder V 2 – a new version of his famous bestseller, as well as Basilisk V 2 – A gaming mouse with extensive customization options. Both devices have been updated using the latest technology.

As noted by Razer, since its launch, the DeathAdder series has set the standard in the gaming category. By 2019, the cult mouse has survived over 30 editions; all in all, over 10 million devices have been sold worldwide. Retaining a distinctive design and class-leading ergonomics, the Razer DeathAdder V 2 has acquired the latest optical sensor. Focus +, optical switches for Razer mice and cable Razer speedflex.

“Razer strives for excellence in each of its products, and we have been developing and upgrading DeathAdder for years,” says Alvin Chong, senior vice president of accessories at Razer. “In the face of DeathAdder V 2, we took the most iconic mouse on the market and further refined it to give gamers the ultimate weapon of victory and maintain DeathAdder’s reputation as an advantage mouse.”

According to the manufacturer, the unique ergonomic form of DeathAdder was developed under the palms of medium and large sizes and is perfect for both the palm of the hand and the claw. The optimized mouse design goes far beyond traditional office ergonomics, offering the highest gaming comfort and reduced hand strain.

Improvements in the design of DeathAdder V 2 relate not only to minor design improvements. The mouse received a new coating resistant to sweat, as well as rubberized side grips for more reliable control. Improved scroll wheel DeathAdder V 2 has a pronounced stroke with reduced resistance. Sophisticated lightweight body allows you to achieve a weight of 82 grams.

The heart of DeathAdder V2 stands Razer Focus + Optical Sensor. According to the official description, it is the most advanced sensor on the market, whose effectiveness is enhanced by new intelligent functions. Thanks to features Smart tracking (Smart tracking) Asymmetric cutoff (Asymmetric Cutoff) and Motion sync (Motion Sync), DeathAdder V 2 becomes an incredibly accurate mouse – right down to the level of individual pixels.

DeathAdder V 2 is equipped with optical switches for Razer mice. They use infrared rays to track clicks, eliminating the risk of unwanted double triggering. Speed, accuracy and reliability (up to 70 million clicks) allow DeathAdder V 2 to be a continuation of the gamer’s hands.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is also equipped with the new Razer Speedflex super flexible cable. The coating with a low degree of friction allows the mouse to move freely without any noticeable tension on the wire and load in the places of bending.

DeathAdder V 2 is equipped with 8 programmable buttons, each of which can be configured using Razer Synapse 3 and get quick access to macros and secondary commands. The HyperShift function, which can be assigned in Synapse 3, allows you to set an alternative action for any button and quickly switch to a new layout with the click of a button.

DeathAdder V 2 also has an advanced built-in memory with the ability to save up to 5 profiles, providing the owner with access to personal settings anywhere and anytime. Razer Chroma RGB allows you to set an individual backlight and synchronize it with other devices that support Razer Chroma.

New available for sale from January 14, 2023 at a price $ 69.99 / 79.99 €.

Razer Basilisk V 2 was also introduced – a mouse that adopted many innovations from DeathAdder V 2, while preserving the functions traditional for the Basilisk family.

Basilisk V 2 is equipped with 11 programmable buttons, including a characteristic multi-function bracket and a scroll wheel with adjustable sensitivity level.

With an arsenal of 11 customizable buttons, gamers have room for personalization of all game controls. Everything from the assignment of alternative layouts to the buttons for activating objects, abilities or game commands is subjected to reassignment and optimization. Support for Hypershift technology allows you to double the number of teams at the disposal of the player.

Basilisk V 2 offers an intuitive scroll wheel drag adjustment function. Thanks to this, the user can quickly adjust the wheel to the task he needs – to set a high level of resistance to feel pronounced returns, or lower it to get a smooth scroll. Among other things, Basilisk V 2 is equipped with 100% Teflon legs and cable Razer speedflex.

The device is on sale from January 14, 2023 at a price of $ 79.99 / 89.99 €.

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