Rayman Legends

Rayman is one of those names that after a long lost lethargy returned with great force a couple of years ago. The cute and rickety character created by Michel Ancel reinvented himself with Rayman Origins , a two-dimensional bright and cheerful platforms in equal parts.


Rayman Legends not only repeats the success formula of that return, but also becomes one of the best 2D platforms ever created. An essential work that mixes almost perfectly everything a player can ask the genre and its legacy from the time of the 8 bits. Intelligent, wonderful, charming. Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier they have placed their iconoplate icon at the top of the genre with a title that will last and be learned from it.

It is a fact that platform games have been gaining presence in the generation of consoles that now ends. Almost forgotten in various sections of the recent history of the industry, the arrival of new formulas and the growing importance of the indie scene has increasingly supported the type of game popularized by Super Mario. Names like Super Meat Boy or


New Super Mario Bros took the first steps to the front: the 2D are not dead. Later came other titles such as Donkey Kong Country Returns or


the aforementioned Rayman Origins, games of high production values. In the case of Origins, the sensation was that of being in front of a game with the quality of the platforms of yesteryear but adapted to the new times. What would that Super Mario World be like in the 21st Century?

The goal of Rayman Legends is to reach the end of each phase having rescued as many tiny as possible.
The goal of Rayman Legends is to reach the end of each phase having rescued as many tiny as possible.

Rayman Origins had several factors that ended up fulfilling his success. It is possible to emphasize that it was a shocking title to audio-visual level, fusing perfectly the fantasy and the imagination of the scenes with the magic of the melody that accompanied. Fun assured for a player,


multiplied and chaotic in cooperative . Cheerful, colorful, with a lot of rhythm and above all well designed. These are roughly the whys of the triumph of Rayman Origins, but the reality is that there is a reason that is above specific factors:


the passion that the studio had for his project and that was reflected in the game. A passion that has not lost an iota of fire in this Rayman Legends. And that, that transmits the title and the user perceives after a few minutes, is the key.

Do not forget that behind all this project there is an essential figure: Michel Ancel . French video game developer who designed and created the initial concept of Rayman in 1995 , a game that for many is still the best in the series. His were The Great Escape – almost unforgettable sequel as well – and Rayman Arena before getting involved in other Ubisoft projects loved by people like


Beyond Good & Evil . When he returned to the attack with Raving Rabbids , few could imagine that the Rayman saga transformed into mini-games in the middle of this last decade would return for its privileges. First it was Origins


, where he worked on concept, design and direction; and then this Rayman Legends, first planned for Wii U and finally exported to almost every possible platform.