Raven’s Cry

Raven’s Cry has, for some time now, been struggling to live, to reach the market after not a few problems in its development (among which are two delays and a change of study) after raising the expectation of pirate life fans with promises of a realistic

The Escapists

game, that really was going to recreate the Caribbean as it deserved, like a dirty world full of evil and violence. This, precisely, along with the impressive Collector’s Edition is one of the few things that have managed to capture our attention since the game, in general, does not measure up anywhere.

Sunless Sea

In Raven’s Cry, we will take control of Christopher Raven , a sadistic and evil pirate who wants to put on his bag of gold coins and become a legend, like any other pirate. However, shortly after starting our adventure Raven will meet a ghost of the past, with a faction that


killed his entire family when he was just a child and that will give us an excuse to undertake a dark and interesting (although not original) adventure at the argumental level.chrisraven.png screenshot

However, the entertaining and interesting story itself is hardly able to hook enough for the player to ignore all the problems with which the title counts, which are not few, especially if we consider that the game is not dubbed or subtitled in Spanish and that although in general the use of English is not too complex if it has some expressions and words that will be difficult to understand for all those who do not have a good level of the language of Shakespeare

But not only that, but also we will find problems in the dialogues, not only looking at the poor facial animations at the time of following the conversations of the characters,


but for a dubbing that is not too successful and several failures in the sound, which even omits the voices of some of the characters that we will find, although we do not know if it is due to any problem in the game or because they have not given voice to all the players we are with.

This is one of the most important mistakes, but not the only one, since at a technical level the title does not reach the size of what is expected of a game of the new


generation of consoles or PC, in addition to some aspects yields almost at the level of the titles of the beginning of the last generation. We refer, above all, to the animations and the physics of the game (practically non-existent),


rough, too simple and with doubtful fluidity, especially when it comes to swimming, jumping or performing some movements. At the graphic level the game has several contrasts, with textures that look pretty good on the screen and that make a great set mixed with others


that are not up to par, especially when you look at the hair or the liquids and here the most bleeding since one of the less worked aspects, at the graphic level