Raul – king of the penalty in FIFA 20

EA Sports has added premium idols to Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 20. Among them, the legend of Real Madrid and the Spanish football icon Raul Gonzalez Blanco stand out. Authors of the portal ODDS.ru explained why this striker is so good.

General characteristics:

  • rating – 9/10;
  • speed – 9/10;
  • dribbling – 9/10;
  • pass – 8/10.

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Source: futbin.com

Many fans started watching football thanks to Raul. In FIFA 20, his card is sharpened to do exactly what he was famous for in real life. It seems that she was made by a Spaniard fan.

Why is he so strong? To everyone! This is a universal footballer who can beat and dribble, and on the second floor to take the ball off the head of Virgil van Dyck or Sergio Ramos. Branded skills Raul – a second touch and a parachute. The latter can lead to a goal even at the slightest goalkeeper exit from the goal.

In FIFA 19 Raoul had to be used with the hawk style. He immediately turned into a king of air. By and large, on the second floor only a flashback card of David Louise could fight with him. Corner kicks and penalties – that was the lifeline that won matches for the owners of the prime version of Raul. In FIFA 20, given the changes, the Spaniard will be more suited to the Hunter teamwork style. This will give him speed and bring the blow to perfection.

5/5 influence

Behind the modest cover lies a real killer, which instills fear in the opponent’s defensive redoubts. With the Hunter style, Raul’s jerking speed increases to 97, and his running speed increases to 99. At the same time, the basic skills of position selection (96) and completion (96) are monstrous. With stability of 92, it’s just a tasher who will do his job properly.

A short-pass rating (89) and field vision (94) allow Raul to beat his partners and easily jump out into the operational space. Balance (92), ball control (93) and dribbling (88) enable the player to save a pass until a convenient moment.

Special mention deserves the game of Raul on the second floor. The jump indicator (91) and the accuracy of the header (96) make the Spaniard a real nightmare for any defender in the game.

Market value

Today, Raul costs a little over 2.2 million coins on the PS4. This is an adequate price for a player who will drag your team to the very end. Moreover, you can use it absolutely at any position in the attack.

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Source: futbin.com

All the charm is that most users in FUT will chase after Eusebio, Pele, Ronaldo and other top idols. Moreover, when the team of the year comes out, Raul’s value should fall to about 1.5 million, which makes it very affordable.


If you have seen Raul in action, then you probably know how and where to use this card. If not, then it should be a real discovery for you. Raul, of course, is worth his money and will not be lost against the background of players who are sold on the market for 5-6 million coins.