Rambler demands to block Twitch in Russia – review

Users Twitch broadcast the matches of the English Premier League and thereby violated the exclusive rights of the video service Okko Sports (included in Rambler Group), writes Kommersant. For each proven case of violation, the company requires 5 million rubles from a streaming service. A total of 36 thousand screenshots worth 183 billion rubles. In addition to a record fine, Rambler Demands to block Twitch in Russia.

According to the representative of Twitch in court, Yulianna Tabastaeva, at the stage of filing the lawsuit, Rambler demanded only a blocking of the resource. The plaintiff later claimed compensation in the amount of EUR 2.1 million. Amount increased to 180 billion rubles. only at the meeting on November 29th. The lawsuit was registered in the base of the Moscow City Court on August 26, 2019. The next court hearing is scheduled for December 20.

The Rambler Group believes that the amount of claims will be adjusted by the court. “Our sum of claims is substantial, but will be determined by the court on the basis of the circumstances actually established by it according to the rules of civil law,” the representative of the holding added, ”Mikhail Gershkovich, sports project manager at Rambler Group, told Kommersant.

Twitch does not agree with the claims. The company’s representative in court, Yulianna Tabastaeva, told Kommersant that the service is not an “information intermediary in the sense of Article 1253.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation”, it does not place its own content on the platform, but only provides users with access to the service. Twitch cannot influence the content posted by users, the lawyer concluded.

“Twitch took all the necessary measures to eliminate the violations, despite the fact that Rambler did not send him any official notifications, only screenshots of the pages, and even those without specific dates. The responsibility for the content posted on the service lies with users, ”she said.

Okko Sport acquired the rights to broadcast matches for the submarines for 7 million euros in 2019. In August, the company announced plans to attract 4 million paid subscribers in three years. The service should reach operating profit by the end of 2019. The subscription cost for users from Russia is 3990 rubles for all matches of the season, 549 rubles per month and 199 rubles per day.

According to Twitch’s rules, broadcasting of TV programs and other content that is protected by copyright law on the site is prohibited. Punishment – deactivation of the offender’s channel.

However, this does not prevent users from circumventing the ban. For example, a streamer with a nickname Lester_gaming in 2017 managed successfully show your viewers several matches UFC 218. He pretended to play a new part of the simulator from Electronic arts – sat in front of the screen with the controller and tried to repeat the movements of real fighters. Earlier that year, several Turkish streamers broadcast matches of the local football league, posing as FIFA 17.