Rainbow Six Siege

Analysis of Rainbow Six Siege for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

On Tuesday, December 1, Ubisoft released Rainbow Six Siege , the new installment of one of its most revered sagas that focuses on this occasion, in a genre as fashionable as the FPS focused on the multiplayer, which They seem to be living a new youth thanks to


CoD , CS: GO or the imminent arrival of Overwatch among others. However, Ubisoft, with its title, aims to get away from the cut of any of these three titles, to give your video


game an air of simulation that gives a very different profile than at first, when we saw the first demo of the game at E3 2014, could be expected.

No, Rainbow Six Siege is not a new Counter-Strike

As we said in the pre-analysis, at first a large part of the public was attracted by this title to remind them, at least in terms of theme, Counter-Strike, however, this will be the only resemblance we will find with respect to FPS from Valve as either game look


much as they can make water or oil. While in CS rewards, in large part, the skill of the players, in Siege this happens to a secondary profile. We do not need to


be too good at aiming with our mouse or our command, but what we need is to be patient, work as a team and draw the right strategy to rise to victory in each of the situations that the game proposes.

Tom Clancy & # 039; s Rainbow Six Siege (PC) screenshot

Despite the slight variations they may have, in the main game mode we will have to protect a point, either so that a bomb is not deactivated or so that a hostage is not taken, or to enter a building to end the threat, finding and neutralizing the explosive or liquidating the entire enemy team, for putting a couple of cases. Before starting each round, if we touch the defense block,


we will have a few seconds to prepare all the traps and barriers that we think appropriate to stop the attack of the enemy team, placing signal inhibitors, barbed


wire, barricades, traps and a long etcetera of gadgets that will allow us to put it very raw to the team that goes on the offensive. In the meantime,

Once this time is over, a period of 4 minutes will start where the defenders should be very attentive to all the sounds and to the attack attempts of the rival team, who will use all the means at hand and all their technology to try Conduct the assault successfully to secure the objective or to eliminate the entire enemy team. Communication, on both sides, will be essential when


it comes to defeating our rival. Not providing information on where the enemy is, where we have died or anything we have seen or heard can be crucial to


losing or winning a point. This makes, above all, that the game win many integers in both immersion and satisfaction, when we play with friends, defining the strategy together and communicating at all times,

A priori and with the first hours of play, this main mode is quite fun, but the real problem is that it ends up being short as soon as we have been playing for a few hours. The scenarios are scarce (only 10) and they are too similar and the multiple variants of


the game do not offer us all the diversity in the games that, a priori, it might seem, giving us the sensation when we have exploited the title for a few hours ,


that the game sins a little monotonous, causing that there are more failures of concentration in the players for the lack of action that can be in some


moments, causing that in many occasions they look for the combat giving to the fret with good part of the result of some of the maps.

In addition, the rest of the content of the game is not too much to compensate for this, as we only have a kind of tutorial, which will be put to test in different situations and it is highly recommended to overcome to win a few points of Fame, that will allow


us to unblock the different classes of attackers and defenders that are available, each one with its own specialization. The other mode of


play is the so-called Terrorist Hunt, which will unite us with four other allies to directly combat the enemy AI, being, in short, more of the same, cloistering the game in an alarming lack of variety and content.