Raid and Rule

All because like to build their own empire, or at least the town and can be a last resort and garden. Care for, refine, improve, and then, which is highly desirable, more and attack. The neighboring gardens, yes. Of course, if it is a military base, so it is more convenient. Falafel Games decided to make one more militarized “farm”, in order to gratify the desire of players to divide and rule.

What is the strength in, brother? 

Of course, more powerful tanks. Rebuild slowly, “swing” of the building, build a new, Garner resources. Because in the Raid and Rule have on two fronts to try. First, gather a decent squad to attack. In order to train their forces, there is a multi-stage single player campaign, which will have one by one to occupy the enemy base. The award given resources, all but the honor and respect.

But the most interesting, of course, is to attack the real enemies. As it usually happens in this type of games, do not lose vigilance and rebuild their own base, paying attention not only to the construction of peace, but also to any kind of protection. Effectively and completely enclose all the walls, instruct guns here and there, and even further their “pump” to all “units” perished on the way to your main building.

Clearly, the enemy occupied exactly the same, so in the early levels is easier, but the more players “swing”, the more serious resistance may have. While at the same time increasing the level of the defense and the attack rate – at our disposal will be more powerful “units”, not only land, but also the support from the air.

Further – more, as soon as will feel cool enough, unite with other players in the coalition and keep the enemies dictate their own rules.

In search of free lunch 

Raid and Rule is completely free to download, and it means that in the process of passing we be faced with the necessity of actual spending. The most important question: Is it possible to play quietly and without financial injections? Only if you are a supporter of a very leisurely “pumping”. So far, the balance of the Raid and Rule configured in such a way that literally every step you will have to pay. Most of the actions carried out for a long time, to accelerate the required diamonds, which get very, very difficult.

In order to expand its base required “pumping” of the main building, which is conducted only for the resources. Construction of new “units” to attack foreign bases also requires resources – turns out to produce the resources we need to spend it. At the same time, even if you gain the victory, his fighters will not get back. Therefore, earnings will go back to collect the army …

Raid and Rule Game Review

Algeria, beware!



If you like to spend one or two fights per day, staying focused on the game night among other cases, then you most likely will not experience discomfort. But for those who like to hang around in this kind of hours of fun, Raid and Rule certainly it seems not too balanced. The developers promise to further major changes in the design, such as more realistic and advanced combat “units”. Maybe in the balance tweak something?

Pros: very varied gameplay(Varied gameplay: you can build, but you can not build); the developers promise to further changes.
Cons: no shopping for real money “pumping” takes too much time