Radio Philadelphia

In the homefront the revolution review we talked about how the shooter of Dambuster Studios has gone through a troubled development, passing from hand to hand until a completion that in itself is a great victory for the authors and the new publisher of the project, Deep Silver.


A nice title, rather demanding on the first, with a sandbox full of things to do but at the same time too general in terms of design, poorly valued as regards some mechanisms and a bit ‘too repetitive in secondary missions.


After a few months, here we are analyzing The Voice of Freedom,an extra chapter set before the events of the base game campaign, in which we play the role of that Benjamin Walker who comes on stage during the introductory stages of The Revolution to save the protagonist of the adventure , Ethan Brady, and encourage him with his capture to commit to ensure that the city can free itself from the yoke of the invading army.

Homefront: The Revolution – The Voice of Freedom is an interesting but too short and limited prologue


Speaking of expansion for The Voice of Freedom is clearly exaggerated: the DLC created by Dambuster Studios consists of a single mission, which you can complete within half an hour and that unfortunately loses again the opportunity to better characterize the figure of Benjamin Walker , the “voice of the Resistance”, the charismatic leader who, speaking on the radio, has the ability to rekindle people’s desire for freedom and encourage them to act together to restore Philadelphia to their citizens.

Radio Philadelphia

Homefront the revolution ps 4 to this we must add that the new enemy faction that is introduced in the DLC, “The ’90”, whose members stand out in the official images, is completely anonymous and devoid of any thickness: at first stresses their cruelty towards the Resistance, then everything is lost in the simple gait of action. You can access the package from the game’s main menu, in the “history” option, regardless of whether you have completed the campaign or not.

Homefront The Revolution Gameplay&Walkthrough

The structure of the   homefront the revolution sees us intent to overcome a hot area of ​​the city in order to reach a safe haven, but to complete this goal we will first face several groups of enemy soldiers without being able to rely on equipment worthy of the name, at least until we have reached the final stages of the mission.

With the pistol in hand and a few shots in the magazine, we will have to circumvent the opponents and eliminate them silently whenever possible, quickly overcoming some outdoor locations to go down in the subway tunnels and subtract, therefore, to detect devices flying from the KPA.


Once in the tunnels we will have to face an unexpected threat, represented by the rebel faction hostile to the Resistance we were talking about earlier. We will not have a chance to discuss with these people, so in order to survive we will have to eliminate them one at a time, even here preferably silently.

After traveling long distances in search of an electric generator, in fact, we will find ourselves in the middle of a hostile location and there will touch well our actions to get out alive, also because a possible game over would bring us back to the beginning of the sequence.


By studying the movements of some enemies we can take advantage of when they give us their backs to get them out with the knife and move on to the next target, until we can move without too many problems to move to the elimination of an armored vehicle that moves along the tracks and whose turret could kill us in a few moments.


Collecting materials around (and the shotgun, which is indispensable in case something goes wrong) will therefore be of vital importance for building explosives and strategically placing them along the cart, causing serious damage and destroying it with three detonations.


After that it will only be necessary to activate the generator, recover a motorbike and fly off before the continuous explosions on the surface make the tunnels collapse, in the light of a simple but undoubtedly spectacular sequence.

 Homefront release

Release  homefront the revolution release date pc, homefront the revolution release date ps4 & Xbox One

  • NA: 17 May 2016
  • EU: 20 May 2016