Racing without a future with Formula Fusion

By now more than two years ago it became the object of a successful Kickstarter campaign , which bodes well for its future. In short, the optimism surrounding the project was great, the names involved had (and have) an excellent pedigree, the genre lay abandoned for years and


there was much demand for something new. What could go wrong?Hard to say exactly, but the final version of Formula Fusion is anything but the title that many hoped for. In fact, there has definitely been a determining factor, and it is the one that helps to understand why the game seems closed in a hurry:


the poor sales of the Early Access launch. We speak less than ten thousand copies. Our theory is that the lack of success has first crippled him, then ditched, forcing the developers to close it definitively without making all the finishing touches that were planned. For this reason many aspects seem simply incomplete, in some cases even rough. Not a beautiful presentation, right? But let’s go in order.



Tutorial of Formula Fusion, where are you? In truth you do not exist. It’s a big problem? No, basically we are talking about a classic racing game, so you understand how the controls are configured and what are the different functions, you can play safely.


That said, however, it is clear that the lack of any movie or text that explains the basics of the game makes the beginning slower than expected and immediately brings to mind that sense of incompleteness that we talked about above.


Was it really so complicated to explain how vehicle configurations and different modes work?I took to the track and experimented a bit ‘understand that each vehicle (five in total, customizable with various skins) has three different styles of equipment, we have a health bar and a shield bar,


which collecting bonuses you can restore the shield or use one of the weapons available (two for each configuration), which runs accumulates the turbo and so on.

Racing without a future with Formula Fusion

However, after the initial stumbling block, one gets the impression of being in front of a large clone of WipeOut: the vehicles are well modeled, the tracks, though few (there are only eight, even with some variations) have an interesting design, the There is a sense of speed and the first races of the career mode flow wonderfully.


Unfortunately the appearance deceives and the more you play, the more you realize that there is not a single aspect of Formula Fusion finished as it should.Take for example the configurations of vehicles, some of which almost completely useless in most situations (hitting an opponent in the race is a worthy sniper), or the races themselves, few and often missing


the right bite because of artificial intelligence that has been very hot since the lower class races, but it maintains a standard behavior for the whole game. To be honest it is the gameplay as a whole not to offer memorable moments, being in a certain sense uniform from the first to the last races.


It is sadly evident that there are no alternative ways to the few implemented (six in total). It will seem paradoxical as an affirmation, but one of the faults of Formula Fusion is that we just run: the blends between vehicles are rare, the few comparisons are usosetti and most of the


modalities are reduced to run practically alone for whole minutes. The career itself, nothing but a sum of races with medals and points to accumulate, tired after a while and is not revived by the use of vehicles of a higher class.