“Pubs are definitely more useful than clan men.” Limmp about training, a new patch and personal form

Player Alliance Linus Limmp Blomdin gave advice on how to better adapt to new patches in Dota 2. In an interview with Maincast studio at the tournament ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore The Swedish leader also said what has changed since the release of update 7.23 and how he evaluates his game form.

About mastering a new patch

“Of course, all training is important in its own way, but at first the pubs are definitely more useful than the clan clan. The player needs to understand which builds work well in the new patch, in order to later consolidate this knowledge and experience in training. There you can get confirmation that your ideas work well. ”

How the game with patch 7.23 has changed

“Hard to say. Probably the most changes affected the movement on the map, because now you need to think about outposts. We have to shift more often on the line, but also dominate the mid, too. They also added all these neutral items, so now it’s not necessary to buy the initial artifacts. You can immediately save up for expensive items, since the rest can get you for free. “

About his game form

“I can’t say that I am significantly inferior to someone. My main problem is that I do not play as stable as I should. I can perform both very well and absolutely terribly. Now I’m working to become more stable in this regard, but if I have a game, it seems to me that no one in the world can be better than me on the center line. ”

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