Preview remake of Gothic. Under the Dome Again – review

On the horizon loomed a rethinking of the RPG classics of the beginning of the century.

Demo updated Gothic on Steam they give out almost for nothing, it’s enough to have at least one of the team’s games in the library Piranha bytes. Fans of the role-playing genre will probably find either some part of Gothic itself or its spiritual heir Risen, or relatively fresh Elex. The fate of the remake depends on the opinion of the gaming community, and therefore the developers from THQ Nordic are asking to support their initiative with votes.

Currently, the demo ratings on Steam have risen from the “Mixed” mark to “Mostly positive”. We figure out how to relate to a small piece of the updated Gothic.

The valley is hard to recognize. But don’t be upset about it

After starting a playable piece, understanding comes quickly: this is a very correct remake. In their places there remained a plot plot and a colorful setting – a colony covered with a magic cap. They remade everything else. A new look at Gothic recalls what it did this year Capcom with the second part Resident evil. Or what they promise to do with Final Fantasy VII.

Yes, the basis of history is the same as before. Once again, we as a prisoner find ourselves in an isolated valley. If it were not for the intro with the story of the war and the orcs, the old game could not be recognized at all.

Local miners do not strive for labor records

In the eyes, the production of scenes on the engine beats on a grand scale. Our hero is in a mining lift when a natural attack by terrorists occurs. Around the fire, explosions and destruction; the protagonist hangs over the abyss, heavy boxes of supplies fly by … All this reminds, to think only about the adventures of Nathan Drake from the series Uncharted. Is that lack of interactivity. But the direction is not bad, in the original there was nothing like it. The game is interrupted on cut scenes quite often, but I don’t want to miss them.

The Gothic Playable Teaser looks pretty good. It is worth paying attention to at least the model of our Novice (the hero is not supposed to be named, as before). Everything is drawn in detail and neatly, the face, hairstyle, clothing elements, animated tape on the belt – the level of a quite solid AA-project.

But most importantly – the world of the game, which once conquered the landscapes and the beauty of its open spaces, now looks even better. The scenery is inventive and saturated with colorful elements. The eye constantly snatches out some individual angles and small details. Here is a huge tree in the center of the stone square, here is a shaft with bizarre mechanisms, and here is a couple of hangmen hung under the arch. And over all this, the same dome shimmers with witching light. All this visual wealth works great for immersion.

At night, the picture sparkles, glare and makes the computer moan

Confused optimization, or rather its absence. On a system that has withstood the maximum graphics settings in The division 2 and Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGothic build significantly slows down. And when several sources of night illumination appear on the screen, whether it be torches, bonfires or fires, the good old slide show starts from the beginning of the zero, when even on some PCs there were video cards built into the main system. It’s not possible to play normally at night.

You can explore, as before, almost the entire map and immediately

It was possible to preserve what the game of 2001 was remembered for: the cruel, but wonderful world and atmosphere of Robinsonade. We still start as a poor, unarmed and wry-handed loser. There is no food, no home, no flag. We collect nutritious berries, rejoice in rusty baubles, recount the coins found. The world is strongly unfriendly, and the odyssey of our chosen one is fascinated by this from the first minutes.

I was surprised to find elements of horror in the spirit of Resident Evil in the new version of Gothic. Staged scenes show torn corpses in close-up, in the bushes someone roars carnivores, and the Velociraptors from 2001 became really creepy, building up polygons.

However, soon a clever and handsome Diego appears, and the plot again recalls the original source, adjusted for a deeper narrative. There are much more dialogs, the camera switches to first-person view during conversations, and if you wish, you can even – quite a bit – control this camera in a conversation.

The local predators now look really creepy

Previously, the average player mastered Gothic slowly and sadly. The game has gone far from standards and made it take quite a while to learn its outlandish rules. Now, part of the “wild” charm has disappeared, but the Gothic Playable Teaser is much more convenient and friendly.

The main, perhaps, difference from the original is a completely redone combat system. In the previous game, the battle scared away many: it was unusual and uncomfortable. To strike, it was necessary to indicate the direction of the stroke, holding down the movement key together with the strike key. But the old system had its own charm: it looked and felt rather awkward, but somehow real, or something. In addition, Gothic-2001 had a very cool feature: with the growth in the level of skill, the speed of possession of weapons and even animation changed. If the salaga waved his sword clumsily and unconvincingly, then the pumped fighter was like a real samurai in battle. To master such a battle, inhospitable, but deep, was a separate pleasure.

There are places in the valley where we are forbidden to enter. But this is temporary, until the desired plot turn

Now everything has become more accessible, but with its own characteristics. Having lost some features of the original, the battles in the Gothic Playable Teaser remained quite unusual. The closest landmark can be called For honorsimplified only. We have three racks, three directions for block and strike – it is not difficult to change them, everything happens quickly and intuitively. There are quick and strong strokes, and there is a strip of stamina, which is pretty quickly depleted. Enemies are trained in special attacks; wolves, for example, will not only bite you for sirloins, but will also try to tumble down by jumping onto your back.

Great new solutions were found in the interface. For example, with one click you can mark the direction to the quest. The marker will not be conspicuous, but will help a lot when traveling over rough terrain. In addition to the usual equipment, a quick access wheel is available. Frequent auto-saves have been added, which can only be greeted – the complexity of the game is high, as in previous years.

The developers sketched the torn bodies in the demo generously. The original game was stingy with blood and dismemberment

The music was taken from the original unchanged, and even there it was good, and it is nice to hear it again. An unobtrusive instrumental creates the right mood for a dangerous and unpredictable adventure.

Of the annoying flaws, it should be noted the Novice’s inability to jump a bunch of stones or leave the bridge without a railing, because of which the hero regularly rests his nose against invisible walls. There was no such nonsense in the old Gothic.

The developers turned to users in a short text introduction to the demo. There they claim that they want to betray exactly the rethinking of the classics. A good remake should be a rethinking. Impressed by the demo – THQ Nordic is doing everything right.