Possible characteristics of new cards NVIDIA Ampere published – Igromania

In the near future NVIDIA plans to introduce the next generation of Ampere gaming graphics cards – tentatively scheduled for September. But already some specifications and a detailed list of future solutions have appeared on the network.

According to Wcctech, at least six video cards are expected, while the older models will receive 24 GB, 20 GB and 10 GB of video memory. They are said to be shown in September. A month later, another model will be presented, and the remaining two – either at the very end of the year, or already in 2021.

The most powerful is the PG132-10 version with 24GB vRAM, which will replace the RTX 2080 Ti. The other two are PG132-20 and PG132-30 for 20 and 10 GB.

Models PG142-0 and PG142-10 will replace the RTX 2070 SUPER with 16GB and 8GB vRAM respectively. Finally, the PG190-10 will replace the RTX 2060 SUPER graphics card and also get 8GB vRAM. As for the width of the data bus, it will vary from 384 to 256 bits.

Also, judging by the early leaks, new items may receive an atypical cooling system based on an evaporation chamber. At least this applies to older models, which are credited with a heat pack of up to 350 watts.

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