Pokkén Tournament DX

Pokémon meets Tekken
Speaking of gameplay, Pokkén is a 1vs1 shotgun, where two Pokémon collide with the aim of reducing the opponent’s energy bar to zero. One of the peculiar features of the game is the alternation of two phases during the battle: the “field phase” and the “duel phase”. In the first, the two Pokémon are free to move into the arena, while in the second they face and move while remaining aligned just like in a game of the Tekkenseries  .
The transition between the two phases takes place without interruption of the game and it is enough to take a hand to hand with this mechanism. The heart of gameplay, however, is that of every shot, made of moves that bind to each other to form powerful combos that can blow the opponent’s rug.
Compared to Tekken , however, the game is much more accessible and there is no need to thoroughly study the Pokémon’s repertoire of Pokémon to play: this helps to make Pokkén a suitable title not only for fans of this genre but also for those who do not mast habitually picking up and, perhaps, wants to get closer to the title attracted by the presence of her goodies.
Another element that makes each battle different is the presence of support Pokémon: at the beginning of the fight we will be able to choose a Pokémon pair, not present in the roster of playable characters, then at the start of the match we will have to decide which of the two Pokémon to hold “Active” during the meeting.
Then we will be able to call the selected Pokémon to help us: it can be an increase in power or defense or recovery of some life points. Although it is a secondary element, choosing the right support Pokémon can make a difference in the encounter, and only in time will you understand what is best for you.
To conclude the elements of the fight there is the “synergy bar”: it fills itself during the battle and, when filled, allows you to remove powerful moves that can completely overturn the situation. This move, as well as the helpers, helps to make the game more accessible even without making it overly essential.

How many things to do
Pokkén is certainly not limited in its mode offer. The alloy mode, which we mentioned in the opening, is definitely the main pot for the single player. In it, we will have to scale the various divisions (in order of difficulty: green, blue, red and chromium) to finally get to the final victory.
While not having a real twist, this career mode is revealing and provides the right challenge to become an expert in using the Pokémon with which we decide to deal with it.
We also have day-to-day challenges: as we can see from the name, we will have a different challenge every day, which, if completed, will give us points to spend in the store, unlocking clothing for our coach and other amenities that will delight you of collectors.
Following are the classic modes of every beat-up: CPU, training, local multiplayer, multiplayer wireless and online multiplayer (divided between friendly and classified matches). None of these modes needs presentations: the only thing we can do about it is that you can deal with a friend using a single JoyCon, making the local multiplayer accessible to anyone who has a console without the need to buy a second controller. As far as the online sector is concerned
They can be spent to improve the wrestler’s characteristics (attack, defense, etc.). This reward encourages the player to turn on the console, knowing that each match will improve the characteristics of its favorite Pokémon, thus increasing the long-term duration of the title.