Pocophone F2 may come out in 2023 – review

Smartphone in due time Pocophone F1 produced a splash in the market. It instantly became a hit due to the powerful filling and relatively low price. It’s clear that this year fans were expecting a new model based on Snapdragon 855. However, a couple of weeks remain before the end of the year, but there is still no news.

It is still unknown when it will be released, however there is information from the chapter Pocophone global Alvin Tse. He said on Twitter that more data on the smartphone may appear in 2023. Most likely coming Pocophone f2 (the name is still conditional) still take place.

No other details yet, however, by given specialized resources, in the coming weeks, fresh information may appear.
We can assume that the new Poco will be based on Snapdragon 855 Plus or even fresh Snapdragon 865. Other improvements are also possible, such as a heat pipe system for cooling, a screen with a frequency of at least 90 Hz, and so on.