PlayWay has announced a crazy simulator Cyborg Mechanic – review

Polish game giant Playway announced a new crazy simulator in addition to the existing gallery. Over the game Cyborg mechanic working studio Tomula games, and this is so far her first known project.

The name Cyborg Mechanic speaks for itself. In the game we have to equip a workshop for installing implants, creating and “repairing” cyborgs. This activity is illegal, so you should not count on a luxurious office at the top of a skyscraper.

As the clients who survive under our scalpel bring more and more money, we will be able to acquire new devices and open up new possibilities – even to create powerful terminators.

However, the work of an underground mechanic is not so simple. Clients can easily give their ends right on the operating table, and the police – to descend with an unannounced search. What opportunities we will have to get out of a difficult situation – we will find out in 2023.