PlayWay announces Cold War Minister, simulator of the head of the USSR – review

Polish team President studio already working on a number of projects, including I am your president, Crime Scene Cleaner and Ship Builder Simulator. And now a crazy simulator has been added to her list of future games. Cold war minister.

In the game, we will get the role of one of the most powerful and influential people on earth, the head of the USSR in the Cold War era. Our hero is obsessed with the idea of ​​making his country the most powerful in the world. Therefore, he does not resort to political tricks and compromises.

We have at our disposal a whole range of tools for tracking enemy forces and the ability to deliver a preemptive strike. And when the incidents are resolved safely, you can afford a little fun with vodka and billiards.

The publication of the game Cold War Minister, as usual, will be engaged in the Polish game giant Playway. Nothing is known about the release dates.