PlayWay and Hooligan Simulator – review

Polish gaming giant Playway seriously intends to make crazy simulators of everything existing in the universe. Another publisher’s game page appeared in Steam – this is Hooligan simulator. As you might guess, this is a street bully simulator.

The life of a troublemaker is a complete trial. In order to earn respect in the quarter, one has to scoff at the weak, confront the police, poke through fences and smash someone else’s property.

At leisure, a novice bully can relax by drawing graffiti or relax while playing basketball with friends. But this should not distract from the main goal for a long time – to become a thunderstorm of the region and earn a lot of money on this.

Like most crazy PlayWay sims, Hooligan Simulator does not have a specific release date. It is possible that not all of the planned games will survive to the premiere.