PlanetSide Arena servers will close in January – review

Studio developers Daybreak game company announcedthat will close the servers of their large-scale fantastic multi-player arena shooter PlanetSide Arena already January 11, 2023 at 4:00 Moscow time.

According to the authors, the popularity level of PlanetSide Arena does not allow them to maintain the gaming experience that they envisioned. Now developers are actively working with representatives Steamso that all users receive a full refund for in-game purchases and DLC to their wallet shortly after the closure of the servers.

Recall that PlanetSide Arena was released in early Steam access at the end of September this year. A month after the release, the developers declaredPlanetSide Arena is just a stepping stone to PlanetSide 3which should become much larger.
If you believe statistics site SteamchartsPlanetSide Arena at one time reached a maximum mark of 1.5 thousand simultaneous players. Over the past 24 hours, this figure has not risen above 10 simultaneous players.