Planet Nomads

With the expectation and uncontrollable desire to try No Man’s Sky , trying to forget the controversy that accompanied the following period the exit, it was clear an important aspect: the idea of being able to visit worlds in space had been able to make inroads into the heart of so many people.
They were later announced a few titles that have tried to imitate and make own some key aspects of that title, trying to attract the attention of gamers: among these is Planet Nomads , title we have been trialling for several months and which was recently released also in Steam Early Access.
No Man’s Planet
In Planet Nomads, we will be able to choose between two modes: in the first variant we will be able to express ourselves freely in the creation of constructions and vehicles by having the necessary materials available, while the second becomes a real survival game where we will have little to do and we will have to we can provide the necessary to survive, by turning the planet generated procedurally.
It can therefore be defined as a sci-fi sandbox game and, just as in the case of No Man’s Sky, the experience, at least as far as the present state of the title is, is purely single player and the state of the planets, mostly seeds – you may be bringing the player to spin the world for several minutes without being able to find anything;the absence of a multiplayer component can weigh the title, but it may be added in the future, perhaps even offering the chance to explore the worlds of our friends. Surely this will not be a title suitable for any type of player, but only to those who are fond of this kind of games.
Planet Nomads
I am the king of the world!
It should also be stressed, however, how there are enormous possibilities of personalization for our planet, with very few limits; construction lovers will surely have bread for their teeth and may spend a lot of time trying to create the perfect world. 
For those who are looking for a more classic gaming experience, the game could really have little to offer, so soon boredom will be replaced instead of the joy of exploring.However, the project seems to be very interesting, and it is also graphically convinced of its very colorful and eye-catching style; as far as the gaming value of the same is concerned, at present it does little to be able to compete with other competitors and as a title in Early Access, where the first impressions are often the ones that leave the mark, negative opinions may be problematic for the development itself.
 And indeed, instead of leaving mid-April, it was postponed at the end of May, under the advice of the same players who had funded the project. Having played the title on several occasions, we can say that surely there have been some great steps forward, but the problems that were initially there were still in the current state.