Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

And all because, even after almost twenty years after I met with dozens of very different role-playing games, Planescape: Torment is still unavoidable delays with a head like a mermaid pulls languor sailor in a whirlpool. And how can not tighten the game where you have come to life in the morgue, and immediately begin to spar with talkative skull Morte, which is about ten minutes after this unusual love looking at girls, zombies, he winks at you: “Boss, you’ve seen it looked at me, as my looks around the bend of the occipital bone? “Morte, how I miss you, old friend …

Especially for improved edition made “re-mastering” all the soundtrack, and the music in the game does sound more mellow.

And when even ten minutes later you meet the ghost of the beautiful Deyonarry and hear from some pain in his voice, she said, Unnamed: “My love,” even though he knows that he will always betray her promise to love until death, but again and be reborn again and again betray, – at this point you feel like goose bumps.

Here at once and realize that not enough Torment: Tides of Numenera – that’s colorful characters such as Morte, such a fatality, high tragedy, which we hear in the voice and image Deyonarry.

From such attention to character development, text, dialogs from total non-linearity and mnogovariativnosti (masquerade as zombies, kill them all, uboltat “anther” to open Mortuariya gates, or to find the desired object and siganut portal?),

Of the serious, adult discourse on love and betrayal, life and death, on the border between madness and reality, and the sum is probably the best computer RPG of all time.

Give comfort, you give comfort!

And in this situation, even for the better, that Planescape: Torment – Enhanced Edition , there is no new content – especially given the reviews of the Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear , independent campaign released Beamdog for improved edition.

No, if the new quests and dialogues were written by Chris Avellone (Chris Avellone), chief designer and writer of the original game, I’d be all for it. But he obviously worked with Beamdoga rights adviser and a guest star, in which quality and wrote an appeal to the players, met them at the first start.

Yes, I think Chris and he knew it was just a case where everything is in perfect balance, still stands in its place and any new content will just fall out of the total composition.

The developers have focused on the fact that the game felt a little more modern, convenient and fast. Naturally, in the Enhanced Edition adds support for high resolutions, “Zoom” with the mouse, highlighting hotspots, the possibility of all the “loot” to gather immediately from one window and other “amenities in the room.”

The text in high resolution looks more finely, and for some it can be a challenge.

The interface also became functional. Now, for example, do not make unnecessary movements, to climb into the inventory, or in some other pile of buttons to communicate with your buddy, activate a spell or special ability to change weapons – the corresponding icons at once brought to the screen.

In addition, it is possible to translate the interface in the “tablet” version that is designed for mobile devices. Allowed to try it and the PC – and in many respects this option seems not to make it easier, but rather more familiar to the modern player.

now also show on the map, so to speak, “hodibelnye” area (Show Walkable), to immediately understand where will go, and where not. And when you turn on Smooth Area Transitions feature, you will see the name of the location, once there.

There are more advanced settings to allow a better view of things, some effects and so on. drawing level is not changed, but all of these features plus higher resolution makes the picture clearer and more comfortable – if you are, of course, do not spoil the maximum camera approach.

Finally, are now allowed to increase the overall speed of the game (and moving, and in the battles and in the dialogues), simply by moving the appropriate slider.