Have you ever wondered when the question: Do these worlds where the laws of physics do not work there, as we understand them? And what would you do if you were virtually no survival and means of communication in one of these worlds? Add to this list, “And what it is – to be a small robot scout?”, And it is possible, Phoning Home will give you detailed answers.

Phoning Home – Action-adventure game about a reasonable ship EU_18TR289h65 and yunite reconnaissance ION.

Arriving on an unknown planet-finding mission, they crashed, and a priority for them were no longer collect resources and research, and to send a distress call to their home planet P1.

Soon discover that they are not the only ones who are stuck in this strange place, and now the real adventure starts here.

Initially, the ion arsenal has only its database for resources, built replicator for the synthesis of essential items and low-power turbine to overcome obstacles.

The first hour of gameplay mostly consists of a collection of resources to repair the ship, and a research location with periodic replacement energoyacheek and refueling (all this you will naturally create materials in your resource base).

Later, when the game appeared sister – the second vessel – and API – its mobile unit – there are new weapons, items, crafting and many new concerns.

Since the API is not designed for reconnaissance and gathering resources (and indeed it is – being brittle), it must be periodically taken in tow by means of an attractor, shelter from sandstorms, update lining, repair, monitor the level of happiness and stuff like that.

And although it probably produces the impression of a nuisance than a useful companion API it helps a lot in the fight, and in addition, it can detect the scanner tetrary – a substance needed to create fraudulent signatures and, as a consequence, the return home.

Developers presented Phoning Home as a game with an open world. Despite the fact that the locations themselves are not many, they are really big in size and are very different levels of the architecture and the emphasis on the involvement of certain instruments. In addition, they are beautifully made, and each of them adds a unique tone to the overall atmosphere.

However, they have one common drawback: the void. Facilities, equipment, signs and maps to Phoning Home direct text say once an advanced civilization that lived on this planet;

And it is clearly the decline occurred not so long ago. Nevertheless, the scenery is almost bare: solid sands and mountains or trees and the edge that somehow destroys the overall impression of the game world legend.

It does not help that the MU and API often add to the atmosphere, yes, there was something terrible, yes, everywhere Tumbler, but in practice very few situations and parts support implies a sense of concern and interest in the history of the planet.

Even more, this interest is killing the research process. His unbearable slowness truly delivers a headache. First, the target is most often scattered in different parts of the large map. Secondly, the voltage reference can not physically move rapidly and a slight increase in speed greatly reduces the energy levels and fuel.

Third, you need to constantly keep in mind the API limitations: it is often “stuck” on hardly sloping surfaces, but because of the sandstorms have to pave the routes through the villages to hide where she was.

Fourth, the present in-game mechanics platformernye implemented fairly clumsy and dull; enrich their introduction could at least what some puzzles, but they are unfortunately not available. And all this together is a great desire to quit the game after two or three hours of passage.

Phoning Home somewhat like No Man’s Sky and Journey; first – in terms of uniformity and polubestselnogo walks in the open world, vtoroya – because of the slowness and meditative atmosphere created by the subdued design and location and does not attract much attention, but catchy soundtrack.

Advantageously measured gameplay diluted infrequent fights – mainly Tumbler, aggressive energy clots, and sand worms.

However, it is more like an attempt to make at least some diversity and to determine the history of this planet, because ultimately, any problem can be reduced to one: go for a drive around the perimeter, search for resources and make the desired object.

In addition, everything is much easier improvable compass with all the necessary markers (except deposits tetrariya), and any alleged complexity of the process does not cause anything other than the question “So what?”.

With all of this Phoning Home uniquely advantageous looks in terms of characters. Although their interaction built on often exploited opposition scenario – despising organic life and humanity

EY and Sister Ani, genuinely admiring art and concepts of personality and self-development – they do not seem to be flat, their disputes, jokes and generally almost every spoken word they are an example of proper attention to the writers to the characters and the dialogue, backed by a good voice acting.

However, dialogues Phoning Home not so much, and you have to listen to the speech API is basically about how wonderful and organic life and how cool to have a gender that frankly annoying.

Like many other video games, Phoning Home is a judgment – the eternal choice between morality and the established order. Although this final bit contrary to expectations, the carefully constructed scenario of the game, perhaps it was a good ending to a story – the story of a little robot that only one thing had to do – to report the required information home.