Persona – by far the most popular and well-known spin-off of the series Megami Tensei. So well-known that some incompetent person even called SMT IV «Dark Souls from the world Person”.

The first part is very badly hit by the monstrous localization (change reached the point of absurdity, one of the characters suddenly became black, as a result of inept Americanization, we were offered, for example, eat burger cost in 1000 dollars).

The second part, too, no luck – despite the much more sane translation, players outside of Japan have lost the first half of Novels, part of Persona 2. Nevertheless, Eternal Punishment acquired the status of a cult classic, and this is despite the fact that to fully appreciate the plot is not possible.

Real fame came in 2006 with the release of Persona 3, which success is defined to this day continued gameplay structure of future license parts. On the P4, which was released after just two years, you’ve probably heard, even if you are not interested in JRPG – thanks to numerous anime adaptations and sequels, including two fighting game and a rhythm game. And I must admit, part of a full numbering on the background of this stagnation – a real breath of fresh air.


From the first seconds Persona 5 is stunning with its unique style. The series has always been famous polished to a high gloss presentation, but this time the result exceeded all expectations. Each, even the most imperceptible detail interface, animation and sound exude individuality, and together they make contact with the game currently aesthetic feast.

Believe me, it is not an exaggeration, each menu screen can be admired, and when summing up the fight awaits extravaganza worthy of big-ending theme for the anime. In such a situation it easy to think of the triumph of form over content and functionality of the interface in question, however, fears were groundless.

Everything works like clockwork, damn stylish design with rich animation is not achieved at the cost of convenience, and the content in the game is not enough for one hundred hours,

Even after which the senses do not get tired of the pretentious presentation. During one game it might be more forgiving, but fortunately, it is not required. In addition, Shoji Meguro has once again outdone itself by writing an energetic, atmospheric and catchy soundtrack. You’ll be a long time unconsciously humming the words and the rhythm nastukivat Last Surprise and Life Will Change.

The role of the protagonist of history has traditionally assigned to the silent student, but now the action takes place in the present Tokyo, but not in the fictional town, as it was earlier. Move to a quiet area in a couple of stops from Shibuya had the protagonist is not a good life – here he will live for a year, passing probation after conviction.

No one cares that he just wanted to stand up for the strange girl, stumbled on the ugly scene, returning home in the evening.

The rapist was too powerful, and as a result all the blame for the accident rested on the shoulders unlucky defender of justice.

Conviction stigma hanging on our hero, the new school all sides it is, and the teacher cold make it clear they will not tolerate the slightest puncture. Instead of caring uncle and cute niece have to settle for “guardianship” grumpy owner of the cafe, which provided shelter for trash littered loft.

The first three to five hours of game play, as usual, be undertaken without the possibility to take a step to the side, but given the situation and theme, such restrictions are as well as possible to the site. “Obediently come home”, “Obey,” “Live an honest life” repeat reminders in the top right corner of the screen.

It is obvious that sooner or later it will come to an end. “Live an honest life” repeat reminders in the top right corner of the screen. It is obvious that sooner or later it will come to an end. “Live an honest life” repeat reminders in the top right corner of the screen. It is obvious that sooner or later it will come to an end.


I happened to be in the company of a troublemaker Ryuji when the unflattering comments about Kamoside – presumptuous coach of the school’s volleyball team – the protagonist witnesses very strange phenomenon.

Spoken words that jerk said the whole school for its castle, in which he ruled like a king, in a strange way have an impact on reality – on the site of a sinister educational institution stands a real medieval castle, looking into that, unlucky friends are captured by the Knights.