Payday 2 will not be updated simultaneously on PC and consoles – Gambling

Studio Overkill announced, what Payday 2 will not receive the same updates on the PC and consoles.

For players on the PS4 and Xbox One, this is not news: after the initial release of the shooter, its support on these platforms was practically absent – not a single patch in a year and a half. But after the developers tried to rehabilitate themselves.

Now the situation, of course, does not heat up to the same high degree of absurdity, but now fresh updates will first be released on the PC, and only then on the consoles.

Update 1.5 will soon be released on consoles, which partially represents the current Legacy version of Payday 2 on PC. Other features due to the need for serious optimization so far will be available only on PC. Among them:

  • several functions of the Vault
  • robberies and storylines:
    • Hells island
    • No mercy
    • Shacklethorne auction
    • Reservoir dogs
    • The white house
    • The secret
    • Silk road

At the same time, Overkill wants to release at least some updates immediately on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but so far the studio can not promise anything.

The versions for the Nintendo Switch were even less lucky: the developers can’t say at all if any updates will be released for it, since the third-party studio was involved in transferring the shooter to the hybrid console.